Days of Our Lives Biggest Misses

Days of Our Lives Biggest Misses

Days of Our Lives fans love when a star has a situation that doesn’t work well for them but brings all the drama to the television screen, but there are some situations that just make you wonder what writers were thinking. Sometimes, you expect things to work out for people. Other times, you think there are just certain situations that would never even be close to realistic, and that’s where we are right now. We are in the middle of looking back at situations that just don’t seem that realistic. For one, we can’t believe that certain people would ever fall prey to the things that are going on in their lives, or that were going on in their lives, and we still have a hard time believing that writers ever thought we might believe in the things that happened in the lives of these characters.

Jennifer’s Opioid Addiction

She’s one of the best people in Salem. She’s been kind and good and laidback since the day we met her, save for a situation here or there. But, she’s been everything elegant and classy about town for many years. She’s a woman who has it all going for her, so seeing her decide to take a moment to mess with drugs was too much for us. Sure, she has been through some bad things in life, but she’s just not the type. She was too much involved with Eric, who was involved in many types of addiction while they were together. Nothing about any of this worked for any of us, and we found it quite difficult to even entertain the idea that they could work in any capacity. It was not a thing that worked well for us, and we didn’t mind it one bit when it all ended and she decided that it wasn’t working for her, she was done with it, and she was not living that life anymore. It was so strange, and we just did not like it. That made us almost want her to just leave the show and not come back it was so bad.

Marlena’s Possession

For one, we just find it hard that a woman like her could ever do anything horrible. And to be possessed by the devil is a situation that we just cannot get on board with. There are so many story lines that we can fall into line with on soaps, but literally realizing that a woman who is so good and likeable and wholesome is possessed by the devil and doing horrible things is just too much. That’s a bit much for everyone to get on board with in general, but it was so hard for us to figure out a way to get this situation to work for us at all. She was not the type. She didn’t handle this well, and it was just ridiculous. In fact, fans couldn’t even take it seriously when she was torturing Kristin, when she was lighting things on fire, ruining Christmas, and being an overall horrible human. It was just too much for this specific character to go through.

Brady’s Baby Stealing

It was not easy for us to believe that he would be so jealous that he would steal a baby and blackmail a woman into leaving town forever so that she could have her baby back. He was very much into the whole, “If I can’t have her, no one can,” situation, and it did not work for him. It did not work for him at all. He’s always been a questionable character at best, but he’s always been likable. He will do anything for anyone he loves, and he’s never been afraid to cross lines, break rules, and forgo the law, but he’s never been so petty and disgusting in his life. Fans found it difficult to believe that Nicole, of all people, was that worth it to him. He’s a pretty good guy, so deciding that his brother could not have her and she could not have her happiness, and they could not be together was a whole situation. Get out of town and leave him and have your baby, or be with me. That’s a big ultimatum, and it’s not cute.

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