Days of Our Lives: Will Abby Refuse to Go Back to Chad?

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t sure how Chad is going to get his wife back or how they will get past this. There is  good chance he might be able to look past what she’s done and move on from it, but we aren’t so sure she can do the same. She might not be able to get over what she’s done to him and what she’s done to the people in their lives. They have a chance to make things right, but there might be stuff that won’t let them get past this situation. They might, for example, find things are difficult for them when they move on.

We are certain they won’t allow her to end up with Stefan in the writing room. There has been too much going on with them in the past year for this to happen, and they only just got remarried. And now there is all this. We just don’t think their downfall is going to be another man. We think it might be Abigail and her feelings.

She might not be able to get past this. She might not be able to move on with her husband when she realizes she’s been with another man, when she realizes she’s hurt her friends and family, and she might not be able to get past that. She won’t want to hurt anyone else, and that’s all we know about that. She might have some problems to face, and this might be that problem.

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