Days of Our Lives: Stefan Upsets Chad

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t at all surprised Stefano left behind some problems that will affect his family in the negative way it’s affecting them now. Not one person is surprised he has a son he never bothered to mention, or that his son feels he has any right to this situation. And no one is surprised that they are dealing with this right now. This is a situation we aren’t sure we get, but we know is going to make some serious problems occur.

And we also know that he is going to do whatever he can and will to make sure he gets what he wants, and we have a feeling that there is something going on. We think this might be what Andre needs to get his family to accept that he is in love with Kate. Chad has been accusing her of taking down his business and trying to ruin everything — and he was not wrong. However, he wasn’t entirely right.

She was working on that, but he’s not entirely correct thinking that everything that happened was her fault. She was working on it, but someone else was working even hard behind the scenes, and she was wondering who that was. Now we think we might know who it was and who it is. We think it was Stefan, and perhaps it was also Vivian. And we know that they will do whatever they can and whatever they will do to make this their life.

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