Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What’s Going to Happen to Chad?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What’s Going to Happen to Chad?

Days of Our Lives fans know that Chad wanted to know why this is happening to him. He wants to know why his ex-wife is leaving the country with the man she’s now married to. He’s not entirely thrilled with the entire situation as it is. She divorced him, married another man that he suspected she wanted to be with while they were married even though she told him it wasn’t so.

Then she marries him while he’s lost on an island. He’s not thrilled even though he’s been dating his sister. That’s not something he can handle. Now she’s leaving to go to Mexico with him, and he’s unhappy about it. That’s when he goes to confront her. He wants to know why this is happening and has demanded that she tell him the truth.

Abby can’t tell him that she’s leaving the country because of what is happening in his life right now, but she’s going to do whatever she can to save and protect him. It’s not going to be very pretty, but she will do it. We know it’s not Dario who hits Chad with his car since he’s outside arguing with Chad and his wife, but someone wants one of them dead. Is it someone trying to kill Chad, Abby, or Dario? We don’t know, but we do know this is going to change a lot of relationships from this point forward. And we think most importantly it will change Dario’s with Abby and Abby’s with Chad.


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