Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Deimos Plots a Kidnapping


Days of Our Lives is back and brand-new, and things are going awry for the people of Salem. Valerie and Theo are going to clash, but what else is new? He left a hearing device in her purse, she found out about it, and she’s not particularly happy with the way things turned out after that. Will she get to the bottom of what it is he wants to know, or will they continue to clash more than ever now that she’s back to suspecting him of all the worst things in life? We don’t know yet, but we know it’s going to be good.

We do know that Chad is torn. He’s falling for Gabi, but his dead wife is back from the dead and he still loves her. They have a baby and a life, and he’s always loved her. He’s not sure how he feels about her lying to him, but she loves him and he loves her and they want to make things work. We understand they’re going to enjoy a date night together, but we don’t know that it’s going to go well. Things are slightly awkward between them now, and that makes it difficult for them to enjoy their time together. Will Gabi be on the forefront of Chad’s mind?

We might think that Gabi and Abigail are mortal enemies fighting for the affection of the same man at this point, but it’s not the case. It turns out that they’re in agreement on a few things, including the fact that the DiMera business is going in a direction they’re not comfortable with. They think that things are out of control, and it appears they might work together to get things back on track. However, we do have a suspicious thought that Chad wasn’t in the right when he messed with Deimos, who is in a particularly bad place right now thanks to Nicole’s upset. We hear he’s going to seek revenge on Chad in a way that makes Abigail and Gabi fear for their lives. Will they be kidnapped by Deimos? That’s the rumor.

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