Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad’s Apology

days spoilers

On Days of Our Lives, things are not looking like they’re getting any better for Chad. His life is in a tumultuous place at the moment, and he seems to have no idea how he is going to fix that or change that in the least. Can he save his marriage? Does his wife even want to see him anymore? Will she even be all right? Will her family let him keep their baby or will they fight for him because they did not even want this marriage to occur in the first place? We have no idea what is going to happen or what we can expect in this area of their lives, but we know that Chad is in a place he never thought he’d be. His new bride didn’t want him to come see her while she was committed, and things are about to get even worse for her and he doesn’t even know it yet.

All we know for now is that Chad had some apologizing to do. He had to make it up to Ciara that he was a drunken moron, and he makes the effort to apologize to her. We are not entirely certain whether or not she will accept his apology or if she will continue to allow him to grovel, but we think she will accept it. She’s been through enough this year to add constant drama to her life. Now we just want to know how things turned out for Hope and Aiden. Did their date go well, or did they realize that they are better off apart? And how does Rafe feel about the entire situation?

We know that Thursday is going to bring the beginning of something quite bad for the people in this community, and we know that Friday we will find out what it is. We have a little teaser for you, though. It turns out that there will be a fire; a bad one. It’s going to injure someone to the point she is no longer recognizable, and we know who it is. Do you know?

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