Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Andre and Aiden’s Deal Is On

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Andre and Aiden’s Deal Is On

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Days of Our Lives brings with it an entirely new realm of dramatic as Tuesday approaches and it’s time to find out what is happening with the residents of the city infected with the awful substance that Yo Ling released into their lives. Death, mayhem, families falling apart as they watch their loved ones cling to life with very little hope of every seeing them overcome what is happening their small town. It’s all happening right now, and it’s not looking good. The previous week was dramatic enough, but this week is the one that will bring with it some of the worst news imaginable, as well as some of the best for certain people.

For Andre, the news might be the best he’s ever had. Aiden came to see him in jail last week with something to bring him. It turns out that Aiden might be able to help Andre see his freedom again. Since he has some revenge to exact on Hope, he is all ears. He wants out, and it seems he might just do anything to get out when it comes down to it. Will Aiden help him? It seems that Andre will find a way to make a deal with him so that he can see his freedom. What’s the deal? Apparently Aiden would like to get Andre out of jail if Andre will agree to back up his story and keep him out of trouble of his own. Andre is happy to do it, even if it hurts others.

Summer might not know it yet, but Victor’s tolerance of her is not going to last much longer. We have reason to believe that someone is out to get her and wants to hurt her where it will hurt the most; her new relationship with Victor and Maggie. Who will tell Victor that Summer is not exactly the person she claims to be? And what will happen when he finds out that she’s not the person he thinks she is? Will Summer’s life be in danger? Victor is not exactly a reasonable man when it comes to his family, after all.

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