Days of Our Lives: Paul Isn’t Lying to Hurt Sonny

Days of Our Lives: Paul Isn’t Lying to Hurt Sonny

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t exactly shocked that Paul would keep his sighting of Will to himself, but we thought he was doing it for selfish reasons. We assumed he was going to see him, ignore it, and move on and hope that no one else found him and eventually all moved on from this. It was our thought that he simply doesn’t want his new husband to find the man he was once married to. Maybe this whole thing would just go away and he could find some happiness of his own once and for all.

But that’s not the case. In fact, it turns out that Paul makes the decision to say nothing because he’s looking to protect Sonny rather than hurt him. Sonny’s current state of stress is so bad he is in the hospital and not doing well at all. This mean he is going to have some health problems getting worse, and Paul is afraid this news will only stress out his husband even further and even more.

He’s keeping it from him to keep him healthy and prevent further health issues, and we don’t blame him. However, we also don’t know what he plans on doing now that he is going to end up caught, because Sonny won’t see this as Paul being helpful. He will see it as a lie and view it as nothing more than sheer deceit. It’s not good for them, and we are saddened.

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