Days of Our Lives: Kate and Andre Work a Deal

Days of Our Lives: Kate and Andre Work a Deal

Days of Our Lives fans will really enjoy getting to watch as Kate and Andre work on their marriage. Well, their fake marriage. They need to make it work and make it look convincing, and that means they need to stop arguing and make it work. What this means is they will sit down and come up with some rules. If you’re going to have a fake marriage to someone, it seems there is a good idea in the rule-making process, but how good? And is there a chance that their fake marriage might just bring them closer together than they were in the past?

We want to know this, and we really want to know what kind of rules they’ll create. Will they be intimate? Will they put on a show all the time and take it home with them, too? Will they really even convince anyone that they are actually married? Will they be able to get through this charade and get down to the bottom of things?

These two have such a long history together, and we hate to see them forced to find new rules for their fake marriage, but it might just work for them. Will they ever get really married or even really make this work? We would like to see them find some happiness in their lives, but they are both so busy that they don’t seem to have the kind of time it takes to focus on a real marriage. Is this a problem?

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