Days of Our Lives: Gabby Lashes Out at Jennifer and Chad

Days of Our Lives fans know that Gabby is at the police station, and she’s not happy about it. Abigail’s alter ego is going to change the way her life is formed, and it’s going to make her feel a lot more confident about the way things are going for her. She’s in a place where she has no touch with reality, and she feels that she can handle and conquer anything that comes her way. At the moment, she’s going to lash out big time at Chad and Jennifer. Her mother and her husband are there for her. They are there to help her get through this life she’s living.

They are there to make sure she has a chance to get her life together. They are there to help her, but she will not allow it. Her husband has been arrested for beating up her rapist, and she’s not there to care. She still believes she is Gabby and that she gets to make her own decisions.

Her husband and mother will be more than a little shocked and upset by what is going on in her life right now, but they will do whatever they can to change her mind and her opinion. They will help her, but they cannot do it if they don’t focus on getting her medical attention. Unfortunately, her doctor is a little bit preoccupied trying not to die of abandonment as a captive in the DiMera mansion’s tunnels. Things aren’t looking good now.

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