Days of Our Lives: Can Lani Handle What’s Coming in Her Investigation?

Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us that a lot is going on with the murder of Deimos. You have JJ in jail for it, but you have Lani working every imaginable angle to find out who really did it since she’s feeling so guilty for incriminating him. It’s an ugly situation, and we know that things aren’t going to get any better for them. We just know there is always a chance they want to do anything they can to find out who did it to get JJ free, and to make sure Sonny doesn’t incriminate himself.

But that leads us into a much bigger issue. Lani is doing everything in her power to find out that it wasn’t JJ who killed Deimos. She wants to save his life and get him out of jail, but that might mean she has to send one of her other friends to jail. There’s a small chance she’s not thinking clearly about that at the moment. This might turn into something that she can’t even live with, and we worry she will have a long time to go from here.

If she has to put another friend in jail, it could ruin her entire life. She’s not thinking that far in advance right now, but there is nothing she can do. Will she be willing to put another friend in jail to save JJ? Her guilt is making her do some crazy things right now, and we wonder how this will all affect her in the end?

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