Days of Our Lives: Eric Confronts Brady about Nicole

Days of Our Lives fans know that Brady and Eric both lost. Nicole made her choice. She decided to leave the city and never come back. She took her daughter and left, and we are going to see that the two men she left behind are going to clash this week. Eric wants to know what Brady was thinking when he caused the woman they both love to leave the city and get out of their lives forever. He is not happy, and this is going to be a very emotional situation. We’re not mad about it, but we do think it’s going to be quite ugly.

Brady will blame it all on Eric, of course. He will want to be sure his brother knows that his is all his fault and that if he’d just stayed out of things when he had the chance, none of this would have happened. We aren’t all that impressed with the way things are going, but we are impressed with the fact that some things never change.

Could she ever come back with Holly? There is always a chance she might change her mind in the future and come back at some point, but we aren’t sure this will work out for her no matter how hard she tries. She’s got to do something for herself, and we believe this time away is all she’s going to need to really get her life in order. Can she make it happy for herself now?

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