Days of Our Lives Characters We Hated Before We Loved Them

Days of Our Lives fans know a thing or two about love and hate, and that is precisely what makes this show so great. We all know that there are people we can get on board with, people we cannot, and people who make it their mission in life to see if they can make us all miserable. But, we also know that there are couples who make better partners than others. There are people who make better friends than others. There are people who cannot get their lives together no matter how hard they try. There are some things we are so excited about, and one of them is the fact that these people were all very much hated for a very long time around Salem, but we all grew to love them over the years. They seem to have made up for their past mistakes with their newfound personalities — and we love that.

Stefano DiMera

Maybe it is the fact that the man who played this character was just that good. He was the one and only, and he passed away more than a year ago. He is someone we miss seriously, and we cannot imagine anyone else playing him. He’s a man who did some evil things, rarely did anything nice — and only then if he could find a way to make it work out for something that benefitted him — and he didn’t do much else that was worth mentioning in any way, shape, or form. But, he is a man who did have something to say about his character, and what he had to say is that this was a man he loved to play.

No matter how many times he died but did not really die and came back, we loved him more each time. He was so awful that we couldn’t stand him, but we grew to adore him over the years. We have no real reason why, either. Perhaps it was his dry manner. Perhaps we just adored his ways of getting things done and handled. Perhaps we just didn’t know better. Whatever it was, we didn’t like him. Then we did. Now he’s gone.

Sami Brady

Well, who can blame us? She was just awful for so many years. She was not a nice person. She did not do nice things. She was a total mess in every way, shape, and form. She was a horrible person who made horrible choices, who did horrible things, and who made us all miserable. She would literally kill a puppy for no other reason than it seemed like a fun way to spend the day if she had her choice. She was horrible, awful, and very much a no-good kind of gal. And we all loved every second of her time around here once she began to change her ways.

We aren’t even sure when it happened. It’s almost as if it happened overnight. She went from totally miserable and upsetting to someone we all decided to love and adore. And we cannot figure that out. Maybe it was when she changed a bit and found herself. Maybe it was when she became a mother. Maybe it was when she took off and only came back on occasion. Whatever it was, we decided we liked her better over the years. And now we just love her.

Abigail Deveraux

She’s a hot mess, but we love her. She’s a young woman who was just the girl next door. She was just as good as they came, but then she started doing things like sleeping with men who were married, breaking up couples we all loved, and making otherwise poor choices. She quickly became a woman fans were not amused by, and her ‘poor me’ attitude did not help her case. She was a mess, and people didn’t like her. But that’s not all. We can only assume that there are some instances in which we can guess that things were just as awful as they were before, and we can only assume that we do know that she’s going to change. She’s been with Chad long enough that she’s become a super couple people like, but we still think we could go back to our old feelings about her.

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