Days of Our Lives: Brady Regains Consciousness

Days of Our Lives: Brady Regains Consciousness

Days of Our Lives fans have many questions about what might happen to Nicole and to Brady. We’ve heard rumors that Nicole is leaving the show, but no one has confirmed them just yet. We’ve also heard rumors that Brady might be in more trouble than he’s willing to admit, and we can see that one as being true. He did help a kidnapper flee the country before effectively going into hiding with her. It’s not going to bode well for him that he’s now an accessory to such a horrific crime — even if we all think that they did the right thing to help her get her baby back from her ‘friend’ who stole her from Nicole. Now Nicole has been kidnapped, Brady has been shot, and it looks like he might die.

Will he? We hear he’s going to wake up — but he’s not exactly well. He’s going to ask Eric to do something for him. He knows that Eric is the only one he can trust, and he’s going to beg him to find Nicole and save her life. Will he be able to do it? Will he have the control to want to help someone who hates him so much? She’s so upset with him that he’s the one who killed her fiancé, Daniel, and ruined her life as she knew it. Will she let him help her and her daughter now that he has a chance? Will this be how he redeems himself in her eyes?

Now that Brady is awake, he’s been arrested. And while he’s still in the hospital, things are getting a little difficult for him. Rafe had no choice but to do it, and that’s what makes it all crazier than ever. Now we see that Eric will go after Nicole and the baby to help them, but Nicole has a plan of her own. She’s working to trick Xander, but we don’t think her plan will work. He’s not stupid, and he’s working on Deimos’ orders. That’s a dangerous combination if ever there was one in this kind of situation.

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