David Rhodes Promises CBS will Air “60 Minutes” Stormy Daniels Interview

So far David Rhodes, the president of CBS News, has promised that CBS will air the 60 Minutes interview with adult star Stormy Daniels, but nothing has come of it yet. His explanation for this at the time is that there are still a lot of sources to gather and reports to look at before they can give the go ahead. There’s also the matter of an injunction that he thinks might be coming in an attempt to stop the report. He doesn’t seem to think it will come but he’s still prepared. It seems odd though that the threat of an injunction might be imminent in a case that could have to do with the POTUS and his supposed infidelity, which isn’t a great thing if it’s true given that his approval rating hasn’t been all that high.

At this point though it seems more likely that Rhodes is wanting everything to pan out before the show goes on the air to avoid looking like the fool if things do go south and the story falls apart. That’s a wise move really since the POTUS has been all about that “fake news” since before he took office. Finding enough rope at this point would be the wiser course before deciding that it’s worth the attempt to hang this matter out to dry in front of the viewing public. There are simply too many unknowns and uncertainties with this current course than are easily explained. One thing is certain, and that’ the fact that the POTUS’s detractors are having a field day with this as it seems to vindicate their idea that Trump really isn’t the kind of person that they want leading the country. This kind of scandal just seems to go a little further towards proving that their suspicions are a little more correct.

Back to the injunction, it’s easy to see why Trump wouldn’t want this matter to go any further since if something does exist it’s bound to be found out eventually. Of course if it gets bound up and sealed away with even a shred of proof to show that something is being hidden, it makes him look that much guiltier. Of course he could be thumbing his nose at the matter to indicate that it’s beneath his notice and wouldn’t bother him if anything did surface. That’s probably not the case but it bears some thought anyway. The sad part about this current presidency and a couple before is that this is the kind of news that the current POTUS attracts. It’s not a simple matter of his detractors attempting to find anything and everything on him, it’s that there are things such as this to find. The kind of things we have in our past are usually what people go looking for when someone rises to prominence in the public eye.

People either want someone to love or someone to hate, it’s one of the most immutable laws of humanity.

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