David Bowie: The Last Five Years (2018): Teaser Trailer, HBO

David Bowie, let him rest in peace, will be the subject of a new HBO feature in 2018, and the trailer is just the right kind of push that is needed to give people what they might want to see. For such an iconic and awesome individual there could be nothing less than a tribute to the greatness that he represented and the struggle he went through during the last year or so of his life. During the last five years of his career however Bowie went through a kind of resurgence that saw him return to the public eye in a way that was both vibrant and very pointed, meaning that he seemed more like the old Bowie that so many knew and loved.

That might not seem fair, but the man had a long and very storied career that spanned decades, so it was obvious that somewhere along the line he would misstep at least once or twice. If we were defined by the failures in our lives however then many of us would never see a reason to continue on. Bowie strode forward with broader strokes in life than many, and created a legend that an untold number of fans still adore to this day. The HBO feature will focus upon the last five years of his life in which he was at the top of his game in a way that was hard to define.

Bowie always went further than people felt was possible, he always strove to do the impossible, and a good amount of the time he accomplished this when others thought it couldn’t be done. His legacy is something that can’t be touched and will be immortalized by his fans and by those that will come along in later generations, but for now it is something that can be fully enjoyed and continually viewed as a means of seeing what it takes to truly enjoy life and push beyond boundaries that might not even exist.

This kind of tribute is both touching and eye-opening since it gives a pretty detailed look at what the man was going through during the past several years and what kind of determination it took for him to be at the top of his game so repeatedly. After a while things must have been getting harder and harder for Bowie as the liver cancer that he eventually passed away from got steadily worse. And yet he kept his career alive and thrilled his fans by continuing to show himself to the public and show that while his body might be failing his spirit was still fully intact.

That perhaps is one of the biggest parts of Bowie that fans have loved for so long, the spirit that he put into everything he did. He was at times the oddball, the person that you couldn’t truly understand, but he embraced and understood his own passions in such a way that others began to embrace him for it until he had a fan base that was entirely loyal and unwavering no matter what happened.

That’s the kind of greatness Bowie inspired.


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