10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Darrow & Darrow”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Darrow & Darrow”

Darrow and Darrow

Darrow and Darrow is a Hallmark Mystery movie that was made for television. The movie was released on September 24th of 2017. The storyline follows the life of Claire Darrow, who is a layer as well as being a single mother. She’s the kind of person who wants to do the right thing with consistency, and being a lawyer, justice is important for her. A close friend of hers is convicted of theft from a high-end jewelry store and it’s up to her to get to the bottom of things. The movie was an instant success, as are many Hallmark movies and for those of you who are fans, here are 10 things about Darrow and Darrow that you probably didn’t know.

1. A Second Darrow and Darrow was made

The first movie was such a big success that the producers decided to make a second one. The sequel mystery was released in 2018, just one year after the first. The ratings it received were 6.9 overall out of a possible 10. This is the exact rating that the first installment was given so it holds its own with viewers. In the continuation of the first movie, Claire and Miles go to a club to hear his sister sing, but the next day she’s arrested for the murder of the music producer that she had recently fired and Claire represents her.

2. Tom Cavanaugh is really as smart as he looks

Co-star of the popular “Darrow and Darrow” plays the part of Miles, the District Attorney who is both charming and intelligent in the movie. The truth of the matter is that he is really just as smart as he looks. We learned that he’s highly educated. He attended Queens University in Ontario where he earned degrees in Education, Biology and in English.

3. Claire is making progress in relationship savvy

For those of you who didn’t catch the Sept.8, 2019 premier of “A Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery,” Claire Darrow is finally learning some things about moving forward in relationships. She’s showing a lot more bravery and she’s learning how to overcome the fears which have plagued her since her husband’s death. She’s still doing a great job in her profession, but prepare to see some growth in her ability to push forward, but we’re not going to tell you any more because that would be a spoiler

4. Claire and Miles are both awkward

The most recent installment of the “Darrow and Darrow” mystery series of television movies doesn’t do much to correct the awkwardness between Claire and Miles. They can square off against one another at a court hearing and do so with charm and style, but when it comes to their personal relationship out of the courtroom, it’s almost cringe-worthy for viewers.

5. Hallmark is taking heat for Joanna

Viewers who are fans of the Hallmark channel have shared their opinions about Joann, the mom/grandma for Claire and her family and they don’t give her very positive reviews. Joanna is a despicable character for certain. Instead of being a positive influence she’s the opposite, and this is a bit out of character for Hallmark since it’s not really necessary to have such a negative person in the story. Viewers still love the show but they’re questioning why Hallmark would include such a nasty character in the script when it doesn’t really add to the storyline in any meaningful way..

6. “Darrow and Darrow” shows us adversaries can work together

Miles and Claire are two examples of adversaries as they are frequently pitted against one another in court to fulfill professional responsibilities. It’s the nature of what they do for a living, and they’re both passionate about their jobs, but we also see them working together in the most recent release. This teaches us that even adversaries can call a truce and work together for the common good of others.

7. It isn’t always about the money

Another life lesson that we can learn from “Darrow and Darrow” is that sometimes you just need to do what you know in your heart is the right thing, even if it doesn’t pay you to do so. Claire and Miles have both shown us that. Sometimes we are paid in other rewards such as gaining a sense of integrity and satisfaction for doing something decent for another person in need.

8. “Darrow & Darrow” has the entire package

This is a mystery show that has been coming out with a new movie every year and it’s got everything that makes for great entertainment. There’s mystery, drama, a bit of awkward romance and diversity in the story that makes it fun and entertaining to watch. It’s highly recommended by fans.

9. Wendy Malick loves her character

Although some fans choose Joanna as their least favorite character, Wendy Malick, the actress who plays the part is happy with the development of the slightly evil Joanna. She prefers to think of her character on the show as being “feisty,” and refusing to be a “goody-two-shoes.” Malick enjoys playing the role.

10. Tom Cavanaugh is also having fun

In a Hallmark Darrow Mysteries sidebar, we learned that Tom is having a lot of fun playing the role of Miles. It’s a character that is thoughtful and good at his job but it’s the charm that he exudes on the show that gives him a lot of room to play. He’s dripping with charisma and Miles is one of the viewers’ favorite characters. It’s no wonder that he enjoys his job so much.

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