Dark Net Review: “Provoke” the Masses

Dark Net, "Provoke"

It’s been a pretty good (if sometimes uneven) first season of Dark Net, but we’re rapidly approaching the end. We’ve still got some concepts to explore, though, so let’s take a look at this week’s new episode, “Provoke.”

In general, “Provoke” explores the use of social media on the internet. The episode takes a look at both sides of the “provocation” coin, showing those that use social media both to provoke others and to guard themselves. It also tries to get in the head of those that use social media the most (millennials, largely), helping us get an idea of why people do what they do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

I could talk about each of the stories in “Provoke” individually, just like I have with all previous episodes of Dark Net, but, for the first time with this series, I think that it would detract from the overall message of the episode if I did so. This series has done a good (and sometimes great) job all season at intertwining individual stories in a presentation of a generalized idea, but “Provoke” does the best job so far, perfectly combining the stories in support of the overall message. No single story feels out-of-place, and all aspects of the episode feel like they received equal weight. In addition, I feel like adequate depth was present throughout, and no single element felt shallow to me.

“Provoke” is all about the ways that social media is used for both good and bad in modern society. Broadly, the episode explains how social media is used sort of like a virtual graffiti wall on which people can pay respect, sway opinion, and, in many cases, troll and provoke others. Social media is one of the most easily understandable online aspects of society these days, and it’s something to which just about anyone of any age or background can relate, so “Provoke” is an episode that everyone should be able to get something out of. I enjoyed learning about all of the stories in the episode, but the most interesting to me was the one about the trolls and the women writers that attempt to combat them, essentially fighting fire with fire. Social media can be used to provoke, sure, but, as explained here, it can also be used in a more positive way that combats this negativity on an equal ground.

After a few episodes in which Dark Net wasn’t properly able to structure itself, “Provoke” is an incredibly well-made episode that thoroughly explores its general theme while giving proper weight to all of its stories without losing an ounce of depth. “Provoke” is an episode to which just about anyone can relate, and I hope that it makes people start to think twice about the ways in which they use social media in their own lives.

What did you think of “Provoke?” Would you like to see another season of Dark Net that continues to explore this side of technology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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