Five Ways the Show Dark Net Can Help You in Real Life

Five Ways the Show Dark Net Can Help You in Real Life

Five Ways the Show Dark Net Can Help You in Real Life

The Dark Internet or Deep Web as it is sometimes called is a mysterious place and was once rumored to be just a techie urban legend. There were videos on YouTube about the web behind the web, but many dismissed these stories to be the fodder of Creepypastas invented by bored tech support workers.

Then Showtime produced the show Dark Net, which is part entertainment and part cautionary tale for anyone who thinks diving into the nooks and crannies of cyberspace is without risk. Why would anyone produce such a show if the Dark Net is such a dangerous place? One good reason is that once you know about something, you can make an educated decision about going rogue down under or even letting it all out on Facebook and be aware of the possible dangers.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see five ways that the show Dark Net can actually help you in real life.

1. You’ll Remember to Think Twice Before Clicking

Dark Net detailed how Ransomware can take over your computer. Ransomware is just what it sounds like. You are hacked and have to pay up via bitcoin which is the online currency that can be anonymously converted to cash. or have all the data stored on your computer destroyed. This is awful if you clicked from your work computer, but it is also a catastrophe if you have any sort of business or personal data on your personal laptop or desktop that you wish to keep secure. Clicking on one link is all it takes, really.

2. You Find Out that “Content Moderator” is a Real Job

In episode 3 of Dark Net titled “CTRL,” they introduce a New Orleans resident named Lila, whose job it is to quality check photos and content on the web. Due to the nature of the job, the person performing it is deluged with porn and inappropriate material and must sign a waiver. If one has a passion for helping clean up the web and has a strong stomach, a job as a content moderator might be a good career path.

3. You Find Out That Using The Internet is a Privilege, Not a Right

When techies go bad on the net, the career consequences can be formidable. Some hackers are just in it for the challenge–they have mad skills but just need to take it to the next level, like trying to hack the government. It’s hard to get caught but if you do your computers will be disabled from using the net, anywhere, anytime, forever. One man profiled on Dark Net can’t even order a pizza or hire an Uber online. His job as a computer programmer has special challenges now, as he has to send his code he writes via US Mail. Clearly, not all employers are that accommodating, so for most techies, their careers are over.

4. You Learn The Dark Web is Chock Full of Really Nasty Porn

Anyone who thinks that pornography is a victimless crime gets an eye opener when the series Dark Net profiles little children from third world countries who are forced into a life of entertaining creepy people on the other side of a webcam. The perverts who watch this stuff can be your well-respected community leader or even your neighbor! Even looking at adult porn can spiral into an addiction, where viewers brains are actually rewired where cyber viewing replaces healthy relationships.

5. You are Not Safe Behind the Keyboard

In the Dark Net episode titled “Provoke”, viewers find out that social media comments in the virtual world can have real life consequences. If you “diss” the wrong person online with a seemingly harmless comment, you may get yourself killed. Even if the person does not live in your area or if you use a screen name, it’s amazing how fast they can find out who you are, so post with caution.

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