The Top Five Dark Matter Season 2 Episodes Ranked

The Top Five Dark Matter Season 2 Episodes Ranked

“Dark Matter” premiered on the Syfy Channel in June 2015. The science fiction mystery considers a dystopian world where people are held prisoner on a spaceship with no memory of their past or why they are there. The Canadian series was created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie based on their comic book.

In the first season of “Dark Matter”, six people wake up and find themselves in a stasis pod aboard a star ship named Raza. None of the six can remember anything about themselves or how they got there. The show follows them trying to stabilize the space vessel and figure out who they are and how they got there. They are helped by the beautiful Android named Suki (Zoie Palmer). The prisoners include a man who is avenging his wife’s death and posing as a mercenary, an artificial human who escaped from a technology company, a man raised by the murderers of his parents, a man who becomes an emperor, and an undercover galactic cop.

Here are the top five “Dark Matter” Season 2 episodes.

Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 12, My Final Gift to You

As Season 2 geared up for its final episode, the action in “Dark Matter” was also gearing up. Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) was both Ryo Tetsudan and Ishida. The Android helped him regain his memories. Four the Emperor of Zairon. He must get close to his brother who is on the throne and win the war against Pyr. His brother abdicates as long as the people will be kept safe. When Four leaves the Raza, he finds out that his step mother is actually in control of the throne and has ordered the assassination of Four and the crew.

Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 2, Kill Them All

In Episode 2 of “Dark Matter”, the crew loses some key members. In Episode 1, we found half of the Raza crew imprisoned on Hyperion-8 and facing danger. They plan their escape with the help of Commander Truffault who gives Three (Anthony Lanke) a map of the prison. Amid a riot, the crew is able to get to the control room and are helped by other prisoners, Devon and Nyx. As they get to the shuttle, Six (Roger Cross) is involved in a shootout and is shot. Once aboard the shuttle, Devon, a doctor, tries to save Six but they place him in stasis. The escaping crew members learn that One (Marc Bendavid) was killed.

Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 5, We Voted Not to Space You

In Episode 5 of “Dark Matter”, we learn that the Android can upgrade herself. She does so to plant a bug at GA station. We learn that the real mercenary, Jace Corso, who One was impersonating, is the one who shot One. Corso escapes but not before the Raza lands on a planet. Two (Melissa O’Neil) finds Corso and kills him before the crew rescue Four.

Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 3, I’ve Never Seen This Side of You

In Episode 3, Five (Jodelle Ferland) is able to activate a hologram of the Android while she is being repaired. Five learns that there was a botch in the memory scan and the crew is able to take on their old personas. Five creates her own neural link before erasing the memory of the other crew members. We also find out that corporate executive, Alicia Reynaud, is receiving leaked information from Arax Nero.

Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 7, She’s One of Them Now

In an exciting Episode 7, the crew is trying to find out what secrets the key Reynaud held. Three, Four and Five are able to infiltrate Reynaud’s clones of the crew by using Transit Pods. Five is able to find out that the key can be used to improve space travel by using an adapter. While Three and Four’s clones are killed, Five’s escapes with the adapter. Devon and Nix remain while the drive is tested. Devon is killed by The Seers.

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