Danny McBride in New Crocodile Dundee Movie That Was Shot in Secret

In a surprise release, a new trailer has surfaced that has “Crocodile Dundee” fans a little excited. At first, some thought it was a prank, but from what we can gather, it appears to be legit and we believe that there is a sequel that is currently in the works. The new show will put the spotlight on Danny McBride, who is set to appear as the famed Mick Dundee’s son. You can check out the trailer for yourself. It’s titled, “Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home.”

What’s fishy about it

The trailer appeared out of the blue, with no announcements or rumor about a possible sequel to the wildly popular “Crocodile Dundee” films. No PR on the film? Doesn’t sound right, but there is an official website for the movie that is indicated by the trailer. There are also production pictures that indicate that Paul Hogan is set to be a cast member, along with McBride.

The plot

We’re told that Daddy Dundee goes missing and has disappeared somewhere in the vastness of the Outback of Australia. Fans all know that he’s as familiar with the area as he is with his own hat. There is only one person that could possibly locate the missing Aussie, and that is his son, who appears to be an American with a loud mouth. Not that any of us had ever been privy to the fact that Mick had fathered a son named Brian, but it’s possible. There is even an article in People Magazine about the production of the new film, so we’re going to accept this as the gospel truth.

When will we find out more?

We must hand it to the execs and cast who are involved with the making of the film/trailer. They kept a very good secret and gave us all a very nice surprise. It was a kind of bombshell that people initially questioned, but because the trailer has already been released, there will be more information coming out in the near future. What we know so far, is that although Dundee did have a son named Mikey in the later film, there wasn’t a Brian. Could his middle name possibly be Mikey? Does he have a brother?

We also know that Brian was raised in the city, so it will be interesting to find out if he possesses his father’s skills and knowledge of the Outback. It could also serve as the fodder for some hilarious comedy scenes. There has been no word about whether or not Linda Kozlowski will also return possibly as his mother? We’ve heard rumors that the film is set to be released sometime in the Summer of 2018. Until we hear more, keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open for upcoming news releases and possibly another trailer or two? We’re not quite sure what direction the film is going to take yet. It’s just really nice to know that us die-hard “Crocodile Dundee” fans are looking forward to the new release.

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