10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniela Ospina

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniela Ospina

Daniela Ospina is a professional volleyball player from Columbia who was an integral member of the VP Madrid team. She is an interesting celebrity athlete who has a lot more going for her as if her amazing career in volleyball wasn’t enough. For fans who cheered for her at the games, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Daniela Ospina

1. Daniela is 27 years old

Daniela was born on September 22, 1992. This makes her 27 years old as of September 2019. Her father is Hernan Ospina and her mother is Lucia Ramirez. She is a native of the country of Columbia. The city of her birth is Itagui, Antioquia, Columbia. She has an older brother named David Ospina so if the surname sounds familiar to soccer fans then this is probably the reason why.

2. She was married to James Rodriguez

Daniela Ospina married James Rodriguez, the Columbian and Bayern Munchen National Team member. The couple was wed on the 24th of December in 2010. Their marriage lasted for 6 years, but they announced their separation in July of 2017. Daniela and James have one daughter together and they named her Salome Rodriguez Ospina. She was born in May of 2013.

3. Her brother is also an athlete

Daniela comes from a very athletic and competitive family. Her older brother David Ospina is best known as a goalkeeper of Napoli as well as the Columbian National Team. Many athletes do not go as far as these two siblings have in their sports endeavors. Both ended up becoming professional athletes and gaining fame and notoriety for their exceptional abilities in their respective sports. Daniela is still active playing for Madrid

4. Daniela’s ex is a celebrity

James Rodriguez appeared on the television show “Dancing with the Stars.” This was teh version produced by RCN Television which is a Columbian channel. Although Daniela is an impressive person in her own right, some see her as the wife, or the ex of Rodriguez and cast her in his shadow, but this is not a place where she is going to stay.

5. She is an educated lady

Ospina attended the Grancolombiano Polytechnic University Institution after she completed her high school studies in Columbia. She enrolled in the Business Administration program. She fulfilled all of the requirements and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in April of 2016. She is an educated lady in addition to being an athlete. She’s not depending on her career as a professional athlete to sustain her financially. She established a firm foundation for pursuing a career in business and entrepreneurship by completing her college degree in the field of business admin.

6. She was a model

Although it’s not her number one chosen profession, Daniela Ospina has had some experience in professional modeling. She was involved in some of the Brandfit Columbia” sportswear brand’s campaigns. She also appeared in advertisements for Joy Staz Jeans. This shows that he has a diverse background and she’s also a fan of fashion.

7. Daniela Ospina is an entrepreneur

Ospina didn’t go to school to allow her education to go underutilized. She has applied her knowledge to her entrepreneurial endeavors. She has her brand of sportswear under the brand Danfive. Daniela launched the clothing line online and this is the sole method of marketing that she uses to sell the products. You won’t see them in clothing stores but you can find them at her online store. She is a very resourceful and busy lady.

8. She remained single after her divorce

Daniela was married to James Rodriguez for just six years. Since the couple divorced, there has been no news about her dating anyone from then until the present. If she is involved in a relationship she keeps it private and doesn’t talk about it in social media. We’re assuming that she is focusing on raising her daughter and her career. So for fans who are wondering what Daniela Ospina’s relationship status is, for right now, it’s considered to be single and not dating.

9. Daniela is a sensation on social media

Daniela Ospina has several social media accounts. She is active on her Facebook, Instagram as well as other platforms. There are a few different purposes. She is a very social person and she interacts with her fans, but in addition to this, she uses it to advertise her online sportswear brand DanFive. Daniela has more than 5 million followers on social media making her one of the most popular athletes/entrepreneurs. If you want to keep up on what Daniela is up or find some great photographs of her, following her on social media is a fantastic way to keep up with her current postings.

10. Daniela Ospina is a rising star

In addition to being a phenomenon on social media, a star athlete and a businesswoman, she also has experience in television. She has served as host on a Colombian television channel “Caracol.” She has also served as the Nacar Makeup brand ambassador. On top of this, she has made multiple guest appearances on a variety of Colombian television programs to discuss lifestyle and sports. Another television show that she has appeared on is the Colombian version of “Dances with the Stars. Daniela Ospina has done a lot in her life and she’s just 27 years old. She has a lot of living left to do and she is such a dynamic person that we see her rising to the top of whatever venture she decides to pursue. While she’s still an athlete, playing professional volleyball, we see the possibility for her to take her professional life in a variety of different directions. For her, the world is an open place and she has the drive, ambition, and intelligence to do so much.

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