Dance Moms Stars Are All Being Replaced for Next Season

Earlier in 2017, Dance Moms was in the news because of Abby Lee Miller, who is the founder of the Abby Lee Dance Company. What happened was that she had created a secret bank account used to conceal a significant portion of her earnings from various sources, with examples ranging from master classes to the sales of her merchandise. As a result, Miller got into serious legal trouble, with the result that she was sentenced to a year and a day in prison as well as a couple of years’ worth of supervised release due to her making a deal with the IRS. She started serving her sentence in July of 2017, but suffice to say that the whole incident has had an enormous impact on Dance Moms as a whole.

More recently, Dance Moms has been in the news because it seems that Season 7 will be the last season featuring the original members of the cast, which has provoked something of an uproar to say the least. After all, a lot of the people who watch the reality TV show continue to do so because they have become invested in the people who they have been following on the TV screen for season after season, which makes it no wonder that they have provided a less than enthusiastic response to the somewhat surprising announcement. Likewise, the original members of the cast have responded in a less than enthusiastic manner, as shown by how a number of them have now formed the Irreplaceables under the new coaching of Cheryl Burke. Those who are interested can catch up by watching the last few episodes of Season 7, though they can also check out the Irreplaceables because they have since announced that they are planning to go on tour.

What Do We Know?

To be honest, we don’t know all that much about either who will be replacing the original cast members or what will happen from this point on. One of Cheryl Burke’s comments suggests that Abby Lee Miller is expected to make a return, which would be possible because she is expected to serve nine months or less of her sentence, meaning that there would not be too much of a delay. However, the rest of the information that has been released about the next season has been minimal to say the least.

For example, the executive producer for Dance Moms Bryan Stinson was seen with another dance coach from another dance school at one point, though in truth, the incident says very little about what has been happening behind the scenes. Later, he posted a comment stating that there was something big happening, which is once again, not particularly informative because that should have been obvious considering that the original cast was leaving.

Summed up, since Dance Moms‘s original cast have left, the current status of the reality TV show is now more or less an unknown. It seems that the people behind the reality TV show are planning to continue it with a new cast but a familiar face, but until more information is released, it seems probable that the fans will have to continue waiting in suspenseful confusion.

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