Dance Moms Review: Sting Like Ab-bee


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This week at the Abby Lee Dance Company LA, the Original Dance Moms get sick of Abby’s neglect and choreography. They take matters into their own hands when Abby spends all her time coaching the mini team and ignores the junior elite team.


At pyramid, Abby starts off with the mini team. The therapist mini mom insinuates that the junior team and the original dance moms are jealous of the mini team. Abby announces that Peyton and Lilliana have a duet, and the mini group will be doing a lyrical dance. This week, Peyton is taken out of the group dance. Abby wants Peyton to focus on the group dance and for the group to win.

Over to the junior team’s pyramid, Kalani is at the bottom. Nia is third on the pyramid, and Kendall is second. On top of the pyramid is Brynn for placing first on her solo. Ashley complains how short the junior’s pyramid session is. Abby spent a longer time gushing over the mini team’s rankings. This week the junior have a hip hop group number, and they will be joined by two ALDC LA members: Saryna and Jayden. They also have a commercial for a sneaker commercial, choreographed by a guest choreographer who is an acquaintance of Abby’s.


While rehearsing for the commercial, the sneaker owner is unimpressed with how unconfident the girls look while dancing. The dance moms are annoyed that Abby is coaching the mini duet instead of helping their daughters. The dance moms are also annoyed that their daughters only have a couple of days to learn the dance, even though the junior team almost always rises to the occasion.

As the mini moms watch their mini team rehearsing their group dance, they talk about how their daughters have a harder dance than the junior team. These moms obviously prefer to spend their time focusing on comparing their daughters to the junior team.

Meanwhile, the original dance moms are completely unimpressed with Abby’s choreography for the Muhammad Ali tribute competition group dance. Believing this will ruin the junior team’s reputation, they decide to ask the guest choreographer to do his commercial dance on stage instead of Abby’s choreograph. The guest choreographer says he’s okay with it as long as they get Abby’s permission. Later, Abby comes to the commercial shoot and starts complaining and giving her input on random things. The moms don’t want Abby’s controlling behavior will ruin another opportunity for the junior team. Eventually, they bring up that they want to use the guest choreographer’s dance instead of hers for the group dance. Abby is mad and storms off.


At the competition, the shoe owner shows off the commercial to the girls and their moms. Everyone is impressed except for Abby. She mentions that she would have used the mini team instead, and the dance moms are annoyed. The shoe owner is gracious and continues to compliment the girls on their dancing and hard work.

Peyton and Lilliana perform an acrobatic piece called “Sting Like a Bee”. It reminds me of the duet with Mackenzie Ziegler and Vivianne. Overall, the dance was cute and filled with tricks, but it was not emotionally deep or challenging.

The two ALDC LA girls, Saryna and Jayden, show up! It is revealed that Abby called them. A small blowout between Abby and the dance moms ensues. Eventually, they come to the agreement that if Jayden and Saryna can learn the dance, they can be in it. They pick it up incredibly quickly, and everyone is okay again… Backstage, Abby tells the competition director to pull the dance and disqualify her junior team.

The mini team perform a lyrical group dance, “Cast the First Stone”, that Abby choreographed. They dance beautifully and are starting to look like a cohesive team. It was a great dance, and Abby even cheers for them.

The competition directors tells the mom they’re disqualified as per Abby’s instructions. Abby quickly backtracks that she never said that, even though it is on tape. The dance moms are horrified that Abby basically called the competition director a liar to his face. In the end, the junior team are allowed to dance. They perform “The Champs”, but with the choreograph and music from the commercial. Jayden joins the dance smoothly. The dance is amazing and smooth, and the kids genuinely enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, Saryna’s was too nervous to go onto stage.

Awards & End

Apparently, this competition only gives awards to the first overall. The duet with Peyton and Lilliana places first. The mini group dance also place first. The junior team kids do not win first or place.

Outside, Abby congratulates the mini team and ice the junior team. The original dance moms are annoyed.They all want to quit and join a different studio. Surprisingly, the normally patient members of the junior team are also fed up with Abby’s neglect. This may lead to the end of the junior team or a promising beginning.

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