Damian Lewis to Play Controversial ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford

Rob Ford was famous for many things. For one, the Canadian citizen was Toronto’s 64th mayor who ran office from 2010 to 2014. Ford started serving in public office in 2000, and he had a reputation for giving passionate speeches. During his time as mayor, Ford worked to privatize waste removal–something that was approved during his first term. During this time, Toronto also saw no increase in property taxes. Ford also proposed a new transit system, the Scarborough Subway Expansion, which was initially endorsed by the council. This endorsement will later be rescinded due to the video evidence that caught Ford smoking a crack pipe on more than one occasion.

Ford entered into rehabilitation, but things just got worse for the politician. His drug and alcohol addiction worsened over the years, and eventually, Ford got in trouble for domestic disturbances as well. All of these events were very public for Ford. He developed a rare form of cancer in 2014, and he passed away on March 21, 2016.

Ford’s tumultuous life is now being adapted into a movie, Run This Town, which will star British actor Damian Lewis. Lewis is known for his roles in Homeland and Band of Brothers. One of his most recent works also includes the TV series Billions. Lewis is known for portraying American military officials, which will be quite different from this Rob Ford role. At the same time, he’s also had a lot of roles where he played mentally unstable or violent character. We think that this movie will lean a bit towards that.

But the biggest challenge for Lewis in this film project is probably in the logistics itself. Lewis has absolutely no resemblance to the ex-mayor. We know that Hollywood can make magic, so we expect that by the time the film comes out, Lewis will be completely unrecognizable. We should be seeing Ford instead. However, the addition of Ford’s weight alone could be challenging for Lewis. It’s too late to back down now because the project is already filming–not that Lewis would ever want to back down from such an opportunity. Lewis had been fitted for an intricate prosthetic a while back to cover his face and head. We can’t picture it just yet, but we’ll probably get photos as filming progresses.

As of right now, we’re not sure what angle the film is going to take when approaching the story of Rob Ford. Ford was a beloved member of his community in many ways, and his demise was a sad thing for the city. From what we know, the movie will not be from the perspective of Ford himself. Rather, it might take the perspective of a journalist, whose narrative might be the main voice of the story. This journalist will attempt to uncover the truth about Ford’s many scandals. It’s unclear whether this will be the case at all or if the journalist character will be based on an actual reporter. For now, we’ll be in the lookout for more details in the near furutre.

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