10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cutthroat Kitchen

Alton Brown Cutthroat Kitchen

One show that you must watch if you’re a foodie or just into watching cooking shows is Cutthroat Kitchen. The show is just brutal when it comes down to what can be done to sabotage the chefs and how willing each chef is to trip the other up. In some ways it’s kind of satisfying to watch a chef get sabotaged and then in another it’s funny to see a chef sabotaging another only to get voted off in a twisted display of karmic justice. In any case Alton is the guy to really watch out for since his sabotages are just flat out mean most of the time and designed to trip people up in the most sinister and sometimes comical of ways. Watching the show you can’t help but wonder how anyone could possibly cook a dish while attempting to work around the sabotage that’s been handed to them. Think about having to cook a meal using nothing but measuring cups, or while walking on a treadmill, or perhaps while being forced to work with only one utensil to do everything with.

Oh yes, it’s that twisted.

10. The money isn’t real.

The bills all have the same serial number and an odd mark over Ben Franklin’s face. Of course if you thought they were handling real money then so be it, keep the illusion. But chances are that in any show that’s handling money it’s not going to be one hundred percent real.

9. Alton asks BOB to bring in his challenges.

What you didn’t know about this is the BOB is short for Biomorphic Occupation roBot. Yes it does make sense in a way since it’s Alton’s strange sense of humor driving it. But quite honestly it’s one of the more tame parts of the show.

8. There’s no glass in the sliding pantry doors.

So every time the chefs go racing in and out the idea is that if they’re not quick enough to procure all the stuff they need for their intended meal then they’ll be stuck inside the pantry when the time is up. The truth is that they could simply step in and out through the empty frame but that would be against the rules and would kind of spoil the illusion. People actually find themselves wondering what would happen if the chefs really did get stuck inside the pantry.

7. Camp Cutthroat was held on the same set as Utopia.

Does anyone remember Utopia? It was Fox’s attempt at discovering what would happen if people could be given another chance to start over and start their own civilization from scratch. The only problem is that they still have the knowledge that civilization hasn’t fallen yet, so there’s kind of no point to making their own when one still exists. Needless to say it didn’t last past the first season.

6. It’s a natural companion to Chopped.

This is kind of a given since if anyone’s ever watched Chopped, and many upon many people have, they’ll know that the show throws a lot of curve balls at the chefs with the basket ingredients they’re given. While Cutthroat Kitchen works with sabotages, Chopped works with surprises in the form of ingredients that the chefs don’t have the opportunity to pick. It all balances out to tell the truth, and on holidays and special occasions Chopped will ramp up the difficulty and provide the chefs with some truly interesting ingredients.

5. Each challenge that is supposed to make things harder only makes the show more popular.

No matter how bad the challenges get people still continue to watch, mostly because the chefs still somehow manage to finish their dishes and sometimes even get to continue on even if they’ve been hammered with sabotages. This makes people believe that some chefs are just like superheroes in the kitchen if they can take this kind of stress and keep going, and it makes the show that much more exciting to watch.

4. The pantry is pretty small.

It’s no illusion when you see the chefs jostling for space inside the pantry. There’s not a lot of room in there for four people and they’re reaching and clawing for everything they can get. Since it’s first come first served it stands to reason that you want to be the first chef in the pantry so that you can get what you need and get out.

3. The producers try to plan for every eventual culinary outcome.

The pantry is stocked to the gills without making it seem like it’s overcrowded. There’s just enough of everything to accommodate the needs of four people and whatever they might want to cook up.

2. The pantry contains dozens of types of alcohol, spices, and fruits and veggies are provided.

There is anything and everything in the pantry that can be used to season, saute, or add some sort of flavor to a meal. There’s no reason for any meal that comes out of this kitchen to be bland or in any way mundane, except if it comes as a result of a sabotage.

1. The Food Network accepts sabotage ideas from fans.

The Food Network does look over submission ideas from fans for sabotages and will from time to time apply them to the show. Some of the sabotages seem just downright mean, but the chefs still make them work.

This is such a messed up show, but it’s also highly entertaining.

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