Curse of Oak Island Thinks “Sonic Drilling” Could Help Find Treasure

Curse of Oak Island Thinks “Sonic Drilling” Could Help Find Treasure

Curse of Oak Island Thinks “Sonic Drilling” Could Help Find Treasure

Treasure hunting is known for a lot of things but one of them is the undeniable fact that now and again every person and team will hit a snag that they can’t seem to move past. This coming season it’s the granite boulder that they found blocking what they think could be the Money Pit. While they’ve believed that the Pit was elsewhere on the island this huge roadblock seems to have them convinced that it’s hiding something very valuable behind it. Skeptics just coming around to the show might want to learn the history of Oak Island before casting any doubt, particularly since the team has been finding artifacts all over the island since they began searching. There have been plenty of problems throughout the history of the dig but this is one that the guys seem to think sonic drilling could be useful for, as their other drill shattered when they attempted to use it to chew through the granite boulder. That of course presents a very real problem and one that needs to remedied quickly.

There are a few things to consider however as they look into using the sonic drilling method.

The strength of the drill vs. the strength of the boulder.

There’s no telling just how thick the boulder is or if there are any visible weak points that can be relied upon. While these guys have learned and done a lot in their time and know how to get around obstacles in their path this is one that is going to take some careful consideration. After watching a demo on a sonic drill going through a granite block that was only centimeters thick and not possibly many feet thick as the boulder has to be, it seems as though it might take a good amount of time and a great deal of effort to keep the drill running until it finds the other side.

They need to keep watching out for weak spots in the ground.

After so much digging and so many tunnels being built within the island’s surface it’s already been seen that the ground is highly unstable in some places and will threaten to spill every last person inward if they’re not careful. Around the Money Pit, if it is where they believe it to be, there’s no telling how much excavation has gone on throughout the history of the island, and it’s fair to say that they might need to keep on their toes like always even with the idea that they might be getting close to the payday that they really want.

There are other warnings and less than desired ruminations that come with The Curse of Oak Island however, as the idea that the true curse, that being the fact that many have tried and never found all that much while spending entire life fortunes, could be very real. Despite the items that they did find, there is a great likelihood that Oak Island is just a fakeout, something that would attract treasure hunters and possibly spell their doom if they continued to dig with the same fervor that brought them there. The idea of finding riches is after all a pursuit that many would gladly take upon themselves in the search for fame and fortune.

The granite boulder could be quite natural and, even worse, one of the biggest fake outs.

It’s not something that anyone wants to hear, particularly the treasure hunters, and it doesn’t follow the conventional wisdom that would be understood by so many. One doesn’t put up a series of manmade barriers to guard absolutely nothing, not even if they’re attempting to throw someone off the trail and possibly confound them by searching for so long in the vain hope that they would fin what they were looking for. Unfortunately a huge block of granite could be just that, a huge block of granite that happened to fall over a passage or an opening by coincidence. Things do happen, but that’s not the way humans like to think all that often. We want things to make sense and to have a purpose that we can define and explain. It could be that what they’re searching for isn’t all that far away and that the sonic drill could finally open up the very chamber they’ve been looking for all this time.

Watching the show the average viewer can’t help but wonder just why anyone would go through the kind of struggle that the cast has been enduring throughout the course of the show. But the promise of riches and of a treasure trove do strange things to people and the uncertain promise of a king’s trove or pirate treasure or perhaps the Holy Grail itself is enough to cause many a person to go searching for something that may or may not be there.

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