10 Things You Didn’t Know about Crystal Smith

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Crystal Smith

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Crystal Smith

Ne-Yo has been around for a long time gracing our radios with his lovely voice and immense talent, but many don’t know much about his personal life. He’s a married man. He’s a father. He’s a singer. He’s a talented artist and human being, and he and his wife are currently expecting their third baby. Who is his wife? Her name is Crystal Smith, and she and her husband are good at staying below the radar. They enjoy their privacy and their lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

1. She’s in Her 30s

Crystal Smith might not look like she’s almost in her mid-30s, but she is. The soon-to-be mother of three is 34 as of February 2021. She clearly spends time taking care of herself, though. She’s set to have her third baby this year, and that makes it a very exciting year for her and her family.

2. She’s a Reality Star

If you think you might recognize either her face or her name, you’re probably right. Before she was the wife of a famous musician, she was a reality star. She wasn’t just any old reality star, either; she was part of the “About the Business,” show on BET as well as “Platinum,” on E!.

3. Their Marriage Was Troubled

They announced their divorce in 2020. Ne-Yo announced that he and his wife decided to end their marriage, and he made it very clear that he would not speak ill of her. He made it obvious that she is the mother of his kids, and that he will never have a negative thing to say about her or their marriage. She’s a wonderful mother and woman, but that they both have demons – and their demons simply did not work together.

4. They Met Through Work

Crystal Smith and Ne-Yo met when she was set to meet with him to discuss starring in a film he was making. They connected right away, and it wasn’t even a month before they began dating. Their wedding was held in February 2016, and it was the wedding all fairytale dreams are made of.

5. COVID-19 Was the Best Thing that Happened to Them

It seems like this is a common feeling for so many. Many of us were not upset by the idea of slowing down, eliminating a few things (or people!) that might not serve us, spending more time with our families, and learning what’s really important to us. Ne-Yo and his wife have the same feeling. Their lockdown forced them to be together in the midst of their separation and divorce, and they realized that their love is too strong and too important. Now they are happily back together and welcoming their third baby.

6. She Wasn’t Sure About Him

He claims that the first time they met for his film, she was two hours late meeting him at the restaurant they chose for their meeting. Unprofessional? Very. We are a little surprised he stuck around waiting that long, but she explained to him she was doing her homework and worried that he was a creep and not a real business person – and that’s why she was late.

7. Everything They Did Was Fast

Crystal and her husband moved very quickly. Their initial meeting was in 2015. They began dating two weeks later. They got married in February 2016, and their first baby was born one month after their wedding. They couldn’t have known one another more than a few months before she was pregnant with their first. They did everything on the fast track.

8. She’s A Stepmom

When she married her husband, Crystal Smith didn’t just become a mom for the first time. She also became a stepmom. Her husband has two older kids from a previous relationship, and they are eight and nine. With the new addition to their family, they’re going to be a family of 7.

9. She Has a Large Following

She has a large social media following, and that’s probably a sweet thing for her if she wants to work on sponsored content. She has more than a half million followers as of February 2021. She uses it for her work, for her personal life, and to share with her fans.

10. She Owns a Restaurant

Crystal Smith is a woman who takes her life very seriously, and that means taking care of herself. She’s the owner of a restaurant called Johnny’s Chicken. It’s located in College Park, Georgia, and she is frequently marketing her place on Instagram. She’s a busy woman with a husband and kids and a business to run, but she makes it all look so easy.

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