Crazy Video Of Exterminator Cleaning Up A Giant, Active Hornet’s Nest

Crazy Video Of Exterminator Cleaning Up A Giant, Active Hornet’s Nest

You would have to be insane crazy to get near a hornet’s nest of this size, even as an exterminator, or just that experienced to avoid being freaked out. If you listen to the clip these crazed little buggers are smacking into it so fast and so frequently that it brings to mind the sound of air-popped popcorn as their bodies are colliding with the camera. The constant humming noise drowns out just about everything else as the thick cloud of them moves continually, seeking any and every way possible to get in past the guy’s suit and defend their nest.

By the way, that big misshapen lump in the lower left corner of the shed is the nest. Not just bits and pieces of it, but ALL of it. The thing is just huge, and there are hornets all over the thing, shifting, moving, taking flight, trying to sting the living heck out of the guy as he goes about the business of dousing them and moving aside bits and pieces of the nest and other junk that’s in the way. His suit must be taped up pretty good since he’s being attacked over and over and doesn’t let out a single yelp of pain. Of course you wouldn’t walk into a nest like this without the proper protection, especially since hornets are not at all like bees.

They’ll sting you, but unlike a honeybee they won’t die right after. Much like a wasp, a hornet will sting you again and again and again until it’s neutralized the threat or it’s been killed. Their stingers aren’t barbed like a honeybee and won’t pull out of their body after they sting. That means they can keep on going and going, which is painful and in some cases fatal. Honestly being stung by a hornet hurts like heck, as their venom can be very potent, but it won’t be fatal unless a person becomes swarmed or is allergic to the type of venom they carry. This is also dependent on the species of hornet, since some carry a far stronger strain of venom and can incapacitate or even kill a human being if they are left untreated.

The bad part about this is that if one attacks you it’s not bound to be the only one. If you’re anywhere near a nest the act of sending out attack pheremones can be taken and then you’ll have an entire swarm on your hands, which can be extremely fatal. The attack mode is usually only enacted when there is a very clear danger to the nest, so there is a possibility that if humans keep away from a hornet’s nest they could avoid being targeted.

This kind of swarm however seems like something one would see in the movies, not real at all but something fabricated by CGI. Take a look at the bugs hitting the camera though. They’re all too real and they are extremely hacked off that someone is trying to mess with their nest.

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