Couple Uses “Star Trek: The Next Generation” To Make Their Baby Announcement

Like weddings, baby announcements can be as big a deal as you want or as minor and inconsequential as you want.  It all depends on how you want to play it.   There’s your typical Facebook announcement where you show a picture of the newborn with the name, weight, and height.   I’d say that’s about 85% of baby announcements.  That’ll usually get followed by a card sent in the mail assuming you are close enough friends with the parents.  But the other 15% get pretty creative with their announcements.   Just like those crazy people who do themed weddings and over the top stuff, some couples have a funny way of announcing their little one to the world.

Using some help from the series Star Trek: The Next Generation, this YouTuber managed to surprise friends and family with the announcement of their new baby.   You’ll be pretty amazed at just how creative yet simple this video was to do.   Thankfully I have two happy and healthy children and no intention to have any more, but if I were going to make a baby announcement I would definitely do the simple Facebook one.  But hey, this one’s fun to watch!

Enjoy the clip below:

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