A Cosplay Music Video Featuring Some of the Best Costumes Seen at WonderCon 2018

Cosplay videos showing some of the best costumes seen at the 2018 WonderCon are among the most interesting pieces you could imagine when it comes to just how inventive people can be. You can see some truly amazing costumes that people have spent hours perfect and can marvel at their dedication to a craft that got it’s mainstream start in 1984 but dates back as far as 1939 during the first World Science Fiction Convention. Back then if people had seen this level of cosplay from the fans they might have believed they were being invaded by aliens from another planet, but today it’s commonplace to see people go all out with their costumes in an effort to faithfully recreate their favorite heroes and villains.

The level of accuracy that goes into each costume is simply spectacular as many people do this kind of thing for a living and tend to be very good at what they do. Those you see in the video could be just fans or they could be professional cosplayers that dress up as multiple heroes and villains for various conventions. A lot of them rely on donations from their fans that go towards their costumes, but a lot of them still have regular jobs as well. To be a cosplayer isn’t too hard, but it takes a lot of time and effort to put into each outfit so that it looks right. Fans are usually more interested in those individuals that really study their character and are fully invested in the look that they’re going for.

WonderCon is held in the San Francisco Bay area and Anaheim and just wrapped up not too long ago for the 2018 season. The convention was a hit just like so many others are and most likely left fans wanting more. The various conventions are often rated by the fans and even by those that are just casual observers as to which ones are the best. There’s a WizardCon making its way to the Pacific Northwest soon and for many people some conventions are worth the trip while others are  better to stay away from. For vendors it’s usually who’s going to charge them the most to set up their stall and what kind of expenses they’re going to incur when it comes to making the trip. For fans it’s usually the ticket prices and the quality of the show, but people find just about anything to complain about when it comes to conventions since many of those that attend are those that nitpick just about everything when it comes to their favorite shows and movies.

But really, the conventions are all about having fun and enjoying the experience so that people can see what might be coming out, enjoy the culture of cosplay, and simply have a good time while people-watching. Of course it’s also awesome to pay the extra money and meet your favorite movie and TV stars as well, but if you’re going to do that you might want to bring a few hundred with you. The conventions might be fun, but they’re certainly not cheap.

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