Cobie Smulders Sings Parody of How I Met Your Mother Character Robin Sparkle’s Hit

It’s fair to say that the celebrities are starting to get restless too as they continue to try to entertain people and at the same time come up with new ideas of what to do that will get some attention and gain some notice. Cobie Smulders is one of those individuals however that doesn’t need to try too hard since she’s been a part of show business for a while now and between How I Met Your Mother and her other projects there are plenty of fans that are going to tune in and watch what she has to offer no matter what it is. Rachel Yang of Entertainment Weekly had more to say about her recent performance. This performance of course is known to a lot of fans despite being changed up a bit, but whether or not it’s just something to get more attention or something that was really inspired is hard to say since a lot of what celebrities are doing at this point tends to fall in one category or the other. They’re trying to keep busy too since the shutdown has affected them just as much as anyone when it comes to going to work, though while some celebrities are asking people to give to various charities while they do the same there are those that are sitting back and just trying to weather the current pandemic without worrying about much except the constant boredom of not being able to socialize as they normally do.

In other words, they’re bored, and in their boredom some celebs are coming up with ways to entertain themselves and others and others are simply reacting in ways that are uplifting and funny or are best left in the privacy of their own homes since in reality, no one cares that much. Hannah Gold of The Cut has more to say on this. It’s not a testament to people not giving a damn about anyone else, but instead a statement claiming that if a person isn’t helping then their opinion and their explanation of the current problems in the world don’t amount to much since they’re not really doing anything about it. From helping others to stimulating the economy as much as they can, there are plenty of folks out there that are doing what’s possible and even putting their own health at risk for the betterment of others in various ways. Right now it’s easy to say that acting isn’t exactly an essential profession since in truth it’s not. Those that have other skills and are proficient with other talents though are capable of helping people in other ways that might actually be beneficial and appreciated should they think to do so. It can be argued that showing up online and entertaining people isn’t essential, but many people might quibble about this largely because it is appreciated since being made to laugh and being given something that can inspire a person is a big help sometimes. Those doing it just to line their own pockets are beyond ridiculous while those seeking to raise money for charities, which is the majority of actors that are coming online at this time, are actually doing some good by trading in on their mere appearance and talent to get people to donate to worthy causes. That’s enough to be impressed by since it does show that a lot of actors, even if it’s a PR stunt in some cases, are able to support others in a very needed way.

It’s equally interesting that many actors are no longer getting all glammed up when they appear online as a lot of them are going with a very natural look that doesn’t include a lot of makeup or any touch-ups. One could argue that their makeup people aren’t there thanks to social distancing but it’s also feasible to think that some of them know how to apply their own makeup and finishing touches before going on camera, and are simply choosing not to go that route. Maddy Zollo Rusbosin and Korrin Miller of Women’s Health have something to say about this.  It’s actually kind of nice since it brings them down to a level that people can relate to and appreciate as the stars no longer look like a bunch of untouchable deities that descend from the Hollywood heavens to mix with the mortals. Instead they look just like anyone else when the glamour is off and there’s no real need to dress up for anyone. The reality of that is that we’re finally getting to see stars stripped down and humanized in a much bigger way than before. Most people have always known that celebrities aren’t all that different from anyone else apart from their fortunes and elite standing in society, but at this point it’s become clear that they’re no better off than anyone else apart from their fortunes and glamorous homes. They’re people just like anyone else and the pandemic has hit them as hard as it’s hit anyone. All we can do at this point is hope that things will improve as the days go on.

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