Clearly Martin Scorsese isn’t a Fan of Marvel Movies

Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb is right, Martin Scorsese has paid his dues and he’s allowed to have his opinion, which includes not thinking that the MCU is in any way cinematic. The trouble is, that’s like saying that it doesn’t have the same value, meaning any movies apart from what Scorsese approves of doesn’t have the same value. Of course that’s not what he said, but trying to eke out any other implication is kind of difficult since the types of movies that Scorsese is known for are usually those that deal with very real and very serious subjects that have more of a real world feel to them. In other words Scorsese is someone that takes the scenes from the streets and makes them into something special, while the MCU is more like an amusement park, as he’s stated.

That’s fair enough to be honest, as Scorsese is old school and appreciates a good story but obviously doesn’t enjoy the whole comic book, flash and pomp style that focuses more on the action, the thrill, and the effects. Each person has their own view of cinema and their own likes and dislikes, and believe it or not, as Adam Chitwood of Collider reports, Scorsese has at least tried to watch a couple of movies from the Marvel universe, but he couldn’t bring himself to think that they were anything other than a cheap bit of entertainment that don’t have a lot of emotional value. That’s not a bad thing since he’s one voice out of many and a lot of people enjoy the fact that the MCU has kind of taken over the box office and made itself into such a towering giant when it comes to show business. Scorsese does what he does best and makes movies that people enjoy and that stay pretty grounded since this is his specialty and what he likes to do. Hearing him say what he said isn’t a bad thing really, it’s an opinion that a lot of people don’t likely share but it’s still his and he’s entitled to it. After all he’d already made his way long before the MCU was even an idea waiting to be brought to the big screen, and he’s definitely earned the right to say whatever he has to say.

It’s entirely possible to enjoy the works of Martin Scorsese and of other genres and directors as well, one just has to remember that their opinion is one out of many just like anyone else. The fact that they’re famous only affects those that allow this to affect their own mood when it comes to the movies. Personally I fully enjoyed the MCU all the way up to Endgame,  but as of late it seems to be fragmenting and going off in so many different directions that keeping up is becoming more difficult than it’s worth. Scorsese’s movies are those that are easy to find and are very easy to get into since they have more emotion, more story, and a lot more human feeling to them. But look at the vast difference between one of his movies and anything in the MCU. In a big way it’s like comparing apples to an eggplant, forget the oranges. In other words it’s comparing two genres that are so different that it’s almost impossible to make it work apart from the fact that a good number of his movies take place in New York City, and the MCU has made good use of this city as well. The difference is the reality and the story that is being allowed to unfold within the concrete and glass jungle that houses so many different tales.

There’s also the reality that Scorsese’s stories have very well set and defined boundaries, meaning that they start and then they end without any real overlap. The MCU has so many stories that a lot of them are bound to intersect and overlap eventually, as there’s no real way to stop this without having a lot of continuity issues. It’s very possible that Scorsese’s movies could do the same thing, but they don’t tend to since each story is self-contained and doesn’t really dip into any other. The idea of ‘true’ cinema is something that’s kind of laughable really to those that keep an open mind, but it’s an opinion for the most part and one that a lot of people share. It does sound a bit elitist, almost arrogant in a way, but it’s still hard to argue with those like Scorsese that have made their reputation around such an idea and don’t enjoy seeing it flooded with what amounts to stories told for children to enjoy initially. Kyle Climans of Factinate has a few interesting facts about Scorsese that might give people a better insight to the man.

With that being said though there’s room in the world for both serious movies and the comic books movies that so many have come to enjoy.

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