A Funny Gallery of Disney Movie Poster Mashups

It’s obvious that Alex Pick and several others are finding something to do with their time while the world is still figuring out whether we’re in quarantine, lockdown, or whatever else is happening, and it’s actually pretty entertaining. Just imagining the Disney princesses in other situations and even in other movies is amusing since it makes a person wonder: who would be perfect for which role and why? There are a couple of princesses that would likely get stereotyped pretty quickly since let’s be realistic, there are a lot of roles they can play but a handful that they would be seen as perfect for since they do happen to represent the characters in the movie to a tee both in looks and possibly personality if things worked out just right. But overall the idea is to fit the best person to the role and like it or not, Rapunzel as Cher is kind perfect if only because she’s a little naive about the world and doesn’t really know what she’s doing, at least when she first steps out into it thanks to Eugene.

And in case you were wondering, the rest just get better.

You know you were going to see Mulan, right? But Ariel as the fiery redhead is also pretty great, though personally I might have gone with Merida if only because her attitude is even more pronounced than Ariel’s, and she’s more likely to be the one that might want to kick the bad guys around more often. But hey, we’ve all got our opinions.

Can anyone really imagine Pooh being a swearing, pot-smoking, heavy-drinking stuffed animal that’s basically there to keep his human happy for a while but then takes on his own life and issues? Yeah, me too, and obviously Alex could since this picture is just perfect and the idea of Pooh becoming kind of a pain in the backside while still being a best friend is pretty amusing.

Seeing any of the Disney princesses as villains is kind of difficult but then again, if they’re given a bad girl mentality and told to go out and do as much damage as they can, I still wouldn’t pick Ariel, largely because it would be a complete role reversal. Rapunzel may be, Tiana, maybe, Jasmine, probably, simply because she does have that spark in her that would make it appear that she could be a mean girl.

Again, there really wasn’t anyone else that we could see in this type of movie since Mulan is the only one in the princess stable that would fit the bill. But seeing her act completely docile wouldn’t really be that realistic since she wasn’t docile in real life or in the animated movie.

Does anyone think that we’d get to see a behind the scenes shot where Eric and Ariel are shouting at each other since they can’t really stand one another? Remember, that’s what Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were like on set apparently.

Aurora kind of appears to be more than just a ditzy blonde, doesn’t she? No disrespect to Elle, but while Aurora might be a little naive, it’s typically because she’s been raised away from civilization and didn’t know that much about it growing up. It’s a nice touch to see a few other characters from Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast in the background.

Yeesh, this would be a bridal party that a lot of venues might actually turn away if only because they could see trouble coming in a big way. Apart from the dresses, one would expect a lot of mayhem to ensure the moment this posse showed up.

The implications here are kind of disturbing since if the movie were to keep to the original idea it would mean that King Triton knew, or didn’t know, that Ariel…y’know. Oh dear, Disney movies just don’t translate well to real-life movies all that well do they?

Would this include the most talented misfits from the Northuldra and from Arendelle? That would be interesting to see in all honesty since it might actually make for an interesting third movie if anyone needed any ideas.

And you thought your boss was pure evil? A lot of people couldn’t hold a candle to someone that would gladly slaughter puppies for high fashion, and that’s something you can easily take to the bank.

So Sebastian and Ursula came to an understanding hmm? That’s kind of interesting considering that Ursula likely looks at Sebastian as a snack most times and wouldn’t think twice to crack that shell. But hey, in the name of amusement this is a good idea.

How epic would the fight between these two be? Just imagine the combination of modern weaponry and whatever Pocahontas could bring the fight as well, and that’s a recipe for a great fight scene. Now if only someone would get to work on making such a thing.

It’s kind of hard to see Belle as a mean girl, isn’t it? But then again when she’s walking around her town stating how everything is so ‘provincial’ maybe it’s not that difficult. But then again, as I mentioned, any character can be any way you need them to be.

Well, Snow White has already tripped out on something with acid in it, remember? So maybe snorting a bit of heroin and overdosing wouldn’t be such a surprise. Oh I know, it’s terrible and all that, but adults get to have fun with Disney too.

And now, something just for the ladies, and the guys who swing this way. Are those bloomers being tossed up on stage, and seashells? Alex is having a bit of a laugh here obviously, and it’s definitely appreciated.

Disney can be fun for grown-ups too after all.

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