Christian Bale Says He Never Considered Himself A Leading Man

Christian Bale Says He Never Considered Himself A Leading Man
Christian Bale Says He Never Considered Himself A Leading Man

Credit: Amsterdam

Christian Bale has had an interesting career.

Some of you may know the actor from the legendary tirade that was leaked from the set of Terminator: Salvation. However, most of you know the Oscar winner thanks to his incredibly diverse filmography. Bale played a deranged psychopath (American Psycho), a recovering drug addict (The Fighter), a God slayer (Thor: Love and Thunder), a con artist (American Hustle), and the legendary caped crusader (The Dark Knight trilogy); That’s just some of the great roles that Bale has done! The veteran is extremely dedicated to his work, with the actor notably losing 63 pounds for The Machinist and gaining 43 for American Hustle, but it isn’t just about the physical changes that Bale brings to his role, but his ability to transform into these characters. It never feels as if Bale is playing the same guy in different roles.

The Oscar winner has proven time and time again that he’s truly one of the greatest actors of our generation, and surely a compelling leading man. However, in Bale’s eyes, he never considers himself as the main protagonist because he feels that it’s simply boring, “I’ve never considered myself a leading man. It’s just boring. You don’t get the good parts. Even if I play a lead, I pretend I’m playing like, you know, the fourth, fifth character down, because you get more freedom. I also don’t really think about the overall effect that [a character’s going to have. It’s for me to play around, much like animals and children do. Have tunnel vision about what you’re doing, not think about the effect you’re having.”

Christian Bale Says He Never Considered Himself A Leading Man

Credit: The Dark Knight

One of the biggest and most notable roles that the actor has played is Bruce Wayne/Batman. Despite ending ten years ago, fans still fondly remember the Christopher Nolan series and what Bale brought to Batman. Bale loved his role as the DC hero, but he was worried that he would be stuck playing the same part for years to come, “I loved that because I was like, “This could be it. I could never be anything but that.’ And for a lot of people, I won’t,” Bale told GQ. “I was like, ‘Ah, maybe I’m going to be forced to go do something different.’ And maybe this fucking thing [acting] that I got forced into doing as a kid that I didn’t fucking want to do in the first place, I’m out. And I’m free. And then it didn’t happen.”

“I always just felt like it was a thing that someone else did, really, in a lot of ways,” Bale said. “I was like, ‘I was like, ‘Oh, year. That thing happened over there. And that’s doing very well over there, I hear. That’s great.’ And I’m going off to Ralphs, the supermarket, to get bananas.” The actor is starring in the upcoming David O’Russell film, Amsterdam, which features a star-studded cast that includes Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy, Robert DeNiro, and Zoe Saldana.

Christian Bale Says He Never Considered Himself A Leading Man

Credit: Amsterdam

Bale also discussed his upcoming film and why he enjoys working with David O’ Rusell, “I love the way he approaches them, you know, like you said, he is so singular and unique, which obviously you want from a director, that’s the whole point, having a point of view and setting the rhythm and what not,” Bale stated in his interview. The Oscar winner has had a tremendous career and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While Amsterdam isn’t getting glowing reviews – it currently has 30% on rotten tomatoes – the actors are noted as entertaining and energetic. The film was released on Friday, October 6th.

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