Chicago P.D. Review: Someone to Listen

Chicago PD

Chicago P.D.‘s Intelligence Unit has made itself stand out in several ways from other units. The most prominent is that their unit will do whatever it takes to get justice for victims who would otherwise be swept under the rug. Such is the case this week when a teenager from a group home is found dumped like garbage. Because she probably spent her whole life that way, no one believed anyone would care to dig deep into her murder. That’s not how this team works.

Intelligence’s latest victim Sam was apart of the Brady group home, notoriously known as worst of the worst in the city. It’s the kind of place that’s known for reporting every single incident because every single one needs police assistance. Because the calls have dwindled down significantly so that the facility doesn’t lose their funding, Halstead goes undercover as a Brady counselor. He immediately gets a very clear picture of how things work at Brady. It fits with what Intelligence finds about several shady procedures which led to Sam’s death. Sam was signed in and out at the home’s discretion for a reason, because she worked the streets at night. It would definitely be worth the facility’s while to risk one of their girls reported missing than dead.

It’s clear from the attitudes of the girls and the counselors that there is a quid pro quo system in place. The only way Halstead can get enough evidence to shut it down is to turn one of the girls. Ellie seems like the perfect person for Halstead to talk to. She tries and fails to seduce him several times, but Halstead sees that she’s scared. One small test proves Ellie is the right person to turn since she gets hurt for her trouble. Ellie trusts Halstead and points him towards one of the other girls, Tonya. Tonya flips the script and says that it was in fact Ellie who was the ringleader trafficking the girls, and unfortunately, forensic evidence backs up this story better. Halstead trusts his gut on this one though. He trusts Ellie, and that determination pushes him to find solid proof that Tonya is the killer. She doesn’t even feel remorse, because in her mind she was the savior.

While Tonya saw herself as Sam’s savior, Platt is disturbed that she couldn’t be. It turns out Sam came into the station once and was there for hours waiting with Platt for her social worker. Platt cannot find anyone to claim Sam’s remains, so she does, and gives the girl her only request-a proper burial. Sam had a horrible life where no one listened to what she really wanted. The least she deserves is a peaceful place to rest.

How much of a difference do you think Halstead made for Ellie?

Chicago P.D. Season 4 Episode 13 Review: "I Remember Her Now"


Chicago P.D. sends Halstead undercover to get justice for a teenager sex-trafficked through a group home.

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