Denny Woods’ Vendetta: Will It Bring Down Chicago P.D.?

Denny Woods’ Vendetta: Will It Bring Down Chicago P.D.?

Chicago P.D.

Denny Woods, a character who has been stirring up trouble on Chicago P.D., seems to believe that the show’s black cops and politicians are being neglected. He’s on a crusade to change this, and taking down a corrupt white cop would undoubtedly boost his credibility. But is anyone else growing tired of Woods’ hypocritical stance? He conveniently forgets that he once led a corrupt police unit and only managed to climb back up the ranks by vowing to “reform”. Instead, he’s relentlessly pursuing Sergeant Voight, using any person, case, or shred of evidence he can find to bring him down.

Woods Seizes an Opportunity to Challenge Voight

What better way for Woods to challenge Voight than by solving the murder of a local black alderman? Woods is eager to play the hero, even going so far as to encourage the alderman’s widow to maintain public pressure on the Intelligence Unit to solve her husband’s murder. Both Woods and the widow are determined to preserve the late alderman’s memory, as well as protect his evidently corrupt son. However, when the son is found dead in the same manner as his father, the widow can no longer deny the truth. She finally accepts that her husband and son attempted to bribe gangs to allow them to build condos in the area, ultimately getting in over their heads.

The Intelligence Unit manages to apprehend the gang member responsible for the alderman’s murder by turning his cousin against him. The cousin remains loyal until the unit discovers his breaking point: his sickle cell anemia. They know that he can’t be guaranteed the same pain treatment in prison.

Woods’ Pursuit of Voight Intensifies

As the investigation into Kevin Bingham’s murder heats up, Woods pushes harder to bring down Voight by any means necessary. At this point, Woods no longer needs Ruzek, even if he suspects that Ruzek has betrayed him. What truly concerns Voight is that Woods is now targeting Olinsky. IAD uncovers DNA evidence linking Olinsky to Bingham’s body, and even worse, a witness who can place Olinsky and Lindsay near the crime scene. The possibility of Olinsky going down for this is bad enough, given his unwavering loyalty to Voight. But Voight made certain that Lindsay escaped unscathed.

Voight didn’t just encourage Lindsay to join the FBI to advance her career; he also wanted her out of town so she wouldn’t be implicated in his downfall.

Is This the End of Chicago P.D. as We Know It?

Every piece of evidence that Woods has uncovered is solid. It’s no longer a question of if he’ll catch Voight, but when. Could this be the end of Chicago P.D. as we know it? As a seasoned writer and a passionate fan of the cinematic universe, I can’t help but wonder how this intense storyline will unfold. Will Voight manage to outsmart Woods, or will Woods’ vendetta ultimately bring down the entire Intelligence Unit? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: this gripping narrative has us all on the edge of our seats.

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