Chicago Fire Review: What To Wait For and What To Go After

Chicago Fire

Isn’t it nice when life returns to normal after a period of upheaval? After Chicago Fire goes through one of these periods, peace and fun always returns to the house. Correction, antics and shenanigans return to the house. Also, you can’t make big, honest revelations when you’re in the middle of a crisis. Or at least you shouldn’t. If you do so after said crisis, the truth goes past the moment. It’s real, and I for one am paying attention to what it means for the future of members of Firehouse 51.

Hallelujah, Otis is back! Now that he’s been cleared for service, things can go back to normal, right? For the most part this is true. There was a good deal of infighting when Stella announced she wanted to continue driving truck, which is Otis’s job. The thing is, that is normal.

I’m going to make a serious case for Brett and Cruz to get back together. The back-and-forth of her and Antonio made sense at first, but not it’s just ridiculous. Brett and Cruz made a very cute couple, they parted as good friends, they’re roommates, and they can trust each other with everything. None of this is necessarily a case for a relationship. But when Brett when on a rant about what an unbelievable catch Cruz is and how he deserves better than a one-night stand with a married girlfriend, my radar went up. It’s not always what you say, but how you say it. The fact that Brett went on this rant so sharply came as a surprise even to her. That’s what makes me think there’s some territory left to explore between these two.

It’s also time for Casey and Dawson to start trying for that baby again. Dawson is a natural mom. The way she takes care of Bria proves it. Not all women need to be mothers, but it’s just a part of Gabby that needs to be fulfilled.

Elsewhere, Chief Grissom realizes that he’s not quite as ready to retire as he thought he was. It was easy for him to get disillusioned with the job when it became all about paperwork. Working a call with Severide made him remember why he loved the job. This wasn’t the news that Boden was expecting, but it gets him thinking too. Once he got used to the idea of leaving 51, Boden started to get excited about a possible promotion. While it would mean less time in the field, it would mean more time with his family. Now that he knows that isn’t happening, he chooses to change his perspective. Instead of letting things stay as they are, he could start actively pursuing what he wants. He makes the case that he’s basically spent his whole life waiting for things to happen to him. Let’s face it, Donna walking into his life when she did was a miracle. But Grissom staying on in the department bodes trouble. Sometimes when things stay the same, the more they stay the same.

The winds of change are coming to Chicago Fire. Will they be good or bad?

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