10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cherry Jones

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cherry Jones

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cherry Jones

What comes to your mind when you hear of Cherry Jones? If you know her in line with career, you will have her in your mind as an actress. On the other side, if you know of her interests, you will have her in mind as a member of the LGBT community. Cherry is one actress who has dominated the acting industry for long. She ventured into acting while still young and has made notable contributions to the industry. As a lesbian, Cherry fights for the rights of the LGBT community. You might be curious about the actress, and here are some of the facts about her to help quench your curiosity.

1. Her parents supported her to achieve her ambitions

Cherry’s parents contributed a lot to her prosperity in the theater. Her father was a businessman owning a flower shop while her mother was a high school teacher. Her parents realized her potential in theater and decided to support her fully by enrolling her in drama classes taught by a local teacher. Cherry is thankful to the teacher and credits her for the far she has come in the acting industry. Cherry is one of the earliest persons in the acting industry to work at City Theatre.

2. She is openly Gay

Cherry is a lesbian and proud of her sexual orientation. She started dating fellow women at the start of her acting career in 1980. She has always been on the forefront fighting for the rights of LBGT. She began by dating Mary O’Connor, who was an architect and their relationship lasted for over 18 years. When she won her first Tony award in 1995, she shared her happiness and thanked Mary for being there for her in the run for the prize. When her relationship with Mary came to an end, she dated Sarah Paulson, a fellow actress, but their relationship ended amicably in 2009. In the mid of 2015, she got married to Sophie Huber, who is a filmmaker.

3. Her interest in fellow women started when she was in high school

The onset of lesbianism in Cherry was in high school as she says in her interview with Slant Magazine. There was a woman who taught PE, and she found her to be beautiful. Cherry could not attend PE lessons because she was in the band but was always desperate to talk to the woman. She had a crush on the woman and tried all means possible to get to her. During a drama festival, she approached the woman to get a topic on sexuality, and she agreed. She then went ahead to follow what her heart told her.

4. She was once fired when she was a waitress

Cherry was at one point working in Barrymore as a waitress. She admits that she was a poor waitress, and this led her to get fired. The reason for her firing was that Cherry could talk too much to the tourists that came in and forgot to serve her customers. After being fired, Cherry concentrated on acting and admitted that she could not have survived as a waitress.

5. She does not know what comes next while acting

Acting needs one to have a good mastery of flow in the play. Cherry is not one who cares much about the lines that other actors are supposed to say but remains the best in acting. She did nearly a thousand performances without knowing what to come next, making her the last person to assist in case someone gets troubled with their lines while on the stage. However, Cherry keeps asking questions to help understand other parts of the series.

6. Her choice of diet

Cherry is a pure vegetarian and uses the preference as a way of maintaining her weight. She finds that the other meals might cause an unnecessary increase in her weight and of course, as an actress, her image is everything. She takes her lunch mainly in a Veggie Planet, where they prepare mostly leafy greens.

7. She has a net worth of $19 million

Focusing on your career for more than thirty years and doing your best in everything will make you productive. Cherry’s persistence in acting for that long period made her a millionaire. According to the Net Worth List, Cherry has a net worth of $19 million. She gets much of her income from acting as well as investments in various industries, such as real estate.

8. Awards and nominations

Throughout her acting career, Cherry has won many awards. She has been nominated for the Tony Award five times. Cherry won the Best Actress twice in 1995 in the Tony award for her role in the “The Heiress” Later in 2005, she won the award for starring in “Doubt.” In 2009, she was the winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for being an outstanding supporting actress where she took the role of Allison Taylor in “24” on FOX television.

9. She does not like to take the roles of married women in a play

Cherry might have something against men as she does not want to associate with them by all means. Even though she is competent in acting, Cherry does not like taking the roles of married women in a play. She is a feminist and is not always happy with how the husbands treat some women. She is fit for any role but does not like acting like a married woman.

10. She lost both parents in the same year

2010 was not a good year for Cherry. It was full of misfortunes with the loss of her parents being the major one. Her mother died followed by her father after some few months. The death of her parents was the saddest experience of her life, and it took her a long time to heal from the loss since they were the ones who made her who she was.

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