Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Show Is Ending After Only Two Seasons

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Show Is Ending After Only Two Seasons

Chelsea Handler announced on Twitter last week that she is quitting her weekly Netflix TV chat show to turn her attention full-time to political activism. Her show is winding up after only two seasons. Handler announced on the social media platform that “Like so many across the country, the past presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized me,” She added. “From the national level down to the grassroots, it’s clear our decisions at the ballot box next year will mark a defining moment for our nation.”

Like many in the late-night space she became increasingly “woke” since the 2016 presidential election. She was very outspoken and open about her lack of political experience, knowledge or interest until she entered the more politicized realm of post Trump America. The election prompted her to rethink her politics and the use of her public platform. Season Two of Chelsea increasingly reflected this political awakening. As the season progressed she stepped up the serious segments of her show and she interviewed a number of high profile Democrats and activists.

She has now stated that she wants to intensify her role as an activist. She wishes to spend her time becoming a more knowledgeable and a more engaged citizen. Handler’s new career departure involves a plan to tour widely around the country in order to engage with Americans and form a deeper understanding of the political divisions that have polarized the country. Handler and Netflix will continue their collaboration as she will film a series of documentaries for the streaming platform as she travels around. In her social media statement Handler asserts that Netflix is entirely supportive of her quest to meet and comprehend her country people of different religions, political views and ethnicities.

Her plans also include a commitment to join forces with Emily’s List who are a political organization dedicated to increasing the number of women elected to public office. She will also be campaigning to get people to register to vote and for women’s rights and issues.

Handler is a veteran talk show host and worked for E! until 2014. On May 11 2016 her trailblazing self-titled show “Chelsea” began streaming on Netflix. It was the first of its kind, a late night talk show which was freed from the constraints and conventions of network shows. Handler’s trademark approach was brash, sometimes vulgar and expletive laden. Her off screen antics and boundary pushing talk of binge drinking and drug taking attracted a lot of attention. Although there are now numerous late night chat shows available to stream, Handler’s was the first. She also broke into the field at a time when there were only two women hosts. Handler was a vocal advocate for women in all aspects of the show and frequently offered women a real voice and a unique platform. While the late-night space is still not divided evenly between male and female hosts, she leaves a genre with more female hosts than when she entered.

“Chelsea” was greeted with mixed reviews. It was beset with production issues from the outset and some controversy. However it had won a loyal fan base. Fans took to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their disappointment that the show is ending after only two seasons and will not be returning for a third season. They also expressed support and admiration that she is going to devote herself to bringing about change in the world.

Hour long episodes from the current series will continue to stream until the end of 2017.

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