Check out the ‘Venom 2’ Trailer

Check out the ‘Venom 2’ Trailer

Right from the start, it’s obvious that Venom is not the ideal roommate, but he does try since as it’s seen the symbiote is making breakfast…kind of. But living with a voice in your head that belongs to an alien that inhabits your body can’t be easy as Eddie Brock would easily attest to given his facial expressions at the beginning of the trailer. But since the main thrust of the sequel is the fact that Carnage is coming, one has to ask just how this is going to happen since we haven’t seen Eddie incarcerated at any point, which is how the Carnage symbiote came to bond with Cletus Kasady, who was Brock’s cellmate when Venom returned to bond again with Brock. The symbiote left its spawn, Carnage, in the cell with Kasady, and never told Brock about it since Venom considered its spawn to be no big deal. The problem was that Carnage would go on to bond with Cletus by inserting itself into his bloodstream, creating a stronger bond that made Cletus nearly impossible to kill unless every part of him was eradicated. It’s not hard to think of why Carnage would feel that Venom was a worthy target, but the fact is that the symbiote, and Kasady, were a better match since they were both all about the act of murder and mayhem, meaning that they didn’t work against each other at times as Eddie and Venom did. As a result, Carnage, despite being crazed and out for blood most times, is far more cohesive and tends to have a far easier time when it comes to reaction times and the sheer intensity that the duo can operate with. In other words, Cletus and Carnage don’t care about anyone around them, they’re just out to mess stuff up and kill people when the mood strikes them. 


On top of that, it does appear that we’ll be introduced to Shriek as well, a companion of Carnage that has allied with him in the past. Whether she’ll be affected by another symbiote or not is hard to say, but Shriek, who will be played by Naomie Harris, has her own set of abilities since she is telekinetic, can bring up the dark side of a person’s nature, and can unleash a sonic attack that’s capable of great harm. There are several key moments in the trailer that are both enticing and kind of telling since Carnage and Venom have always been connected to Spider-Man, Venom because he was bonded to Peter Parker, and Carnage because he came from Venom. But the crushing of the spider in the trailer feels like an indication that at some point Spider-Man will be involved, perhaps not in this movie but definitely at some point if things keep moving ahead in a successful manner. Carnage and Venom have always been two of Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies for obvious reasons, but it’s yet to be fully revealed just what connection there’s going to be between Cletus Kasady and Eddie Brock in this movie since Cletus appears to talk like a man that’s been around Eddie before, which is fairly interesting since there was no mention of this in the first movie. Even the post-credits don’t make it clear where Cletus knows Eddie from. It’s going to be interesting to see Carnage in action though since unlike Venom he’s known for changing his body into various forms and then using them in the most effective manner. 

Using Woody Harrelson as the nutcase behind Carnage, Cletus Kasady is perfect since Woody has definitely shown that he’s capable of erratic behavior in movies over the years, and the deadly nature of the character still plays well within Woody’s wheelhouse since the guy can go from playful and whimsical to serious and deadly in a matter of seconds, and this is that the Carnage character needed. The battle between Carnage and Venom is going to b great since both symbiotes are powerful, but Carnage is kind of a new creature altogether since he’s like Venom on speed, deadly as hell, and beyond the normal definition of crazy. There are bound to be plenty of Easter eggs that are going to be found in the trailer between now and when the movie releases in September, but one thing that’s a big hope for this movie is that Carnage will be every bit as unhinged as he is in the comics since otherwise, it’s a bit of a waste since Venom already wasn’t as bloody as it could have been. It’s understandable that there doesn’t need to be a huge amount of gore, but Carnage is kind of like a force of nature, and that really needs to be shown when the movie comes out if Sony wants any chance of matching or possibly topping the first movie. 

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