Check Out The Trailer for Ted Lasso Season 2

Check Out The Trailer for Ted Lasso Season 2

Check Out The Trailer for Ted Lasso Season 2

Ted Lasso is coming back and he’s bringing his upbeat attitude with him as one might have guessed since he’s not the type that’s bound to be kept down by any means. Quite a few people have taken the time to remark on how Jason Sudeikis’ role as the Kansas football coach that was brought to England to coach a team that was absolutely awful has brought to mind how people want to behave versus how they really do react to the world around them. Some believe that the negativity that surrounds Ted doesn’t affect him because he chooses to keep a positive outlook on life and doesn’t let the negative views of those around him define who he is or what he does. Those that say such things are pretty accurate really, and while it might appear that Ted is simply oblivious at times it’s a little deeper than that since he’s not blind or deaf to the things that people say about him and to him, but if any of it bothers him then it’s hard to tell since he keeps moving forward and being as polite and kind as he can to those around him, and he does it with a level of grace that’s hard for a lot of people to match. Let’s be honest, a lot of us would probably have quit a job if we were being continually hounded by those around us and told that we weren’t the right person. Even after the admission that he was brought to his current position as kind of a joke to spite the owner’s husband, Ted decided not to give up and even forgave the woman that admitted this to him. Ted is pretty much the person that everyone has met at times in their life that doesn’t allow the world to beat them down and pushes forward no matter how hard things get.

Season 2 might be more of a challenge for the upbeat character than anything he had to deal with in season 1, since the new sports psychologist coming to the show, Sharon, appears to already be content to not like him, and even appears slightly hostile in the trailer. How Ted can possibly win this woman over is hard to say since those that have met such chilly characters in their life usually tend to find that there’s a reason behind that icy exterior, but it’s something that’s insanely personal and has layers and layers of well-constructed walls around that core reason that homemade biscuits and a charming attitude can only scratch at without affecting them in the least. It does feel fair to say that with this type of a challenge that Ted might find it next to impossible to keep his composure since it might be a bit of a wakeup call to realize that people don’t generally behave as he does that often, but it’s a challenge that Ted is probably up to without question since the guy has already appeared unflappable, and being given a losing team to preside over is the type of challenge that’s bound to come with a bunch of other roadblocks that will only get harder with time.

Watching this show might make a lot of people shake their heads when thinking that it takes entirely too much to get to Ted since the guy is so upbeat that it’s tough to think that anything could bother him that much. This season though, and Sharon especially, is no doubt going to test him in ways that he hasn’t thought of yet, and from the trailer, it’s kind of obvious that Sharon is going to do this simply because she doesn’t trust and/or like Ted for her own reasons. When one really thinks about it, people like Ted do tend to unnerve a lot of folks since that constant need to be upbeat and to see the bright side of everything isn’t a bad quality, but it does get a tad annoying since some of those that exercise such an attitude tend to push it in a way that is a little too much for some folks to stomach. Those like Ted, who simply enjoy life and keep moving forward, aren’t so much of a problem, but to some folks that think that this is a naive and irresponsible way to live, folks like Ted can be a challenge that they feel the need to break down. Sharon may or may not be that way, but it’s fair to state that she already appears to dislike Ted in a very personal manner that is going to make this coming season, which starts in July, kind of interesting to watch. The dynamic between them is going to be volatile it feels like, but with a slow burn that might yield nothing special at the end.

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