Check Out The Avengers As Disney Animated Characters

Check Out The Avengers As Disney Animated Characters

Check Out The Avengers As Disney Animated Characters

Considering that Disney owns the MCU there’s not a lot of surprise that certain characters have been redesigned to resemble the Avengers and other characters on the internet. In some cases they look quite amazing, but in others it’s hard to really equate making the leap between characters. Thinking of the different temperaments that each character possesses and how they fit into the group is interesting since there are some Disney character that match up quite easily, and other that are kind of a stretch since they don’t really make that great of a match. But when trying to make them work there are plenty of quirks that can be noticed that are worth pointing out. As far as the Avengers go, it does feel that the ranks are going to be bolstered again in the coming phases, but for now it’s enough to see a few Disney characters represented as earth’s mightiest heroes just to see how they look and if they can rock the style in their own manner.

Kristoff as Thor makes a good deal of sense considering that they’re bound and determined to do the right thing even if that’s one of the only noticeable similarities. Both are pretty strong when it comes to their individual stories, both are a little temperamental, and both of them happen to know a few very hot-tempered women. Apart from that however Thor is more or less the guy that is far more temperamental between the two since despite his growth as a person and the wisdom he’s gained throughout the years he’s still fairly impetuous and is more likely to charge ahead and do things the way he knows how and believes in than to really give that much thought to an issue. He’s gained a good deal of experience in his time as he has outwitted his brother Loki, but he’s still more of a fighter than a thinker. Kristoff on the other hand does think, sometimes, but he has a lot of big insecurities, much like Thor, which came to life in Frozen 2 when he was attempting to ask Anna to marry him and simply couldn’t find the best way to do this.

Flynn and Tony have a lot of similarities when it comes to attitude since they both have a great deal of self-confidence and arrogance that they call upon quite often, but they can both be humble when they really need to be. While Flynn obviously isn’t as smart as Tony he’s cunning and street smart, no matter how much anyone wants to say that such a term means nothing. Both men are great at building themselves up when it comes to their image, but on their own they’re kind of hopeless in a few ways. Where Tony has his suits of armor to help him out though, Flynn has Rapunzel, who is in a way kind of like a more naive Pepper Potts, but one that comes with her own built-in abilities since her hair is pretty amazing since it can be used in so many different ways. Just imagine what character Rapunzel might be morphed into.

This is one of the oddities to be certain since Anna and Natasha really don’t have a lot in common apart from their red hair and general idea of doing the right thing. Natasha was raised to be a spy and to excel in espionage, which is highly unlike Anna, who’s been a friendly and patient sister and princess, but despite being highly opinionated and having one good punch in her, isn’t really a violent person. Imagining Anna as Black Widow is kind of amusing really since trying to imagine her taking down a room full of thugs without saying sorry a dozen times simply because she’s not used to such physical violence sounds very likely.

This is an interesting mashup since Elsa and Carol both want to do good, but Elsa is often a little too unsure of herself, as her powers have had a tendency to go out of control in the past. Carol’s powers have been largely in her control for some time, though even she had to learn how to use them at one point. But the whole thing is that Elsa was essentially created from the idea of the Ice Queen, and comes with the idea that her original character was someone that was a little suspect. It would explain why in other mashups she’s actually been seen as an evil character, since the nature of her powers are wondrous, but still kind of troubling at times.

This actually feels a little more accurate since Elsa’s magic sometimes feels a bit chaotic and Wanda’s magic is definitely chaotic, meaning these two characters have a little more in common and are a far better mashup. Of course they’re still not the type of character that you’d want to mess with on a lark.

It’d be interesting to see more, wouldn’t it?

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