Check Out This Jurassic Park 2 Trailer from an Alternate Universe

Check Out This Jurassic Park 2 Trailer from an Alternate Universe

Given this is an alternate trailer in an alternate universe where Bruce Willis would get to take on a dinosaur it’s easy to cut it some slack. Because quite honestly who doesn’t want to see Bruce Willis take on a dinosaur? The Tears of the Sun footage is pretty intense, but even as rough as that movie got the SEAL team wouldn’t have the slightest idea what was coming at them once the multi-ton T-Rex was crashing down in front of them.

With all the firepower they had between them the group might have have stood a chance against a bigger, blundering dinosaur that didn’t seem to rely on stealth as much as brute strength, but that’s all assuming that they didn’t freeze in shock and/or panic. Of course SEAL’s don’t panic, right? Well neither do dinosaurs unless they’re the ones being eaten. The reflexes of the saurian’s would most likely be far more fine-tuned than the humans since from the time they’re born to the time they die they have to fight to survive, literally in many cases.

Plus they’re quicker, stronger, and more well-suited to the terrain than any human could hope to be. But it’s Bruce Willis, so you know that he’d have a few tricks up his sleeves. He might go toe to toe with a couple dinosaurs before realizing how outmatched he really was, but after that he would no doubt come up with some ingenious way to outsmart the creatures and get his men off of the island with what they came for.

Some people might actually think that this would have made a much better picture than the actual Lost World that was produced. Hey, I like Jeff Goldblum but the sequel to Jurassic Park was kind of a letdown. His presence made it worth watching but the rest of the cast, no matter how good they were, couldn’t bring it up at all. Maybe going after the red herring that was the false can of Barbisol would have made a lot more sense, especially since Ingen had ousted John Hammond and weren’t above using mercenaries to get what they wanted. So why not lie and find a way to utilize a SEAL team for their needs? It might have been a bit far-fetched and even stretched it more than a little but the fact is that the canister did fall into the mud, still perfectly sealed and preserved. There’s no way that the embryos inside survived all that time but there’s a good chance that their DNA could still be viable.

The Lost World wasn’t that great, but I think a movie about Bruce Willis and a few other noted actors going after something as innocuous as the Barbisol can filled with what might be classified as ‘sensitive data and materials’ would have been a very thin premise. Yes, pitting Bruce Willis against dinosaurs would have been interesting and it would have likely given rise to a new crop of catchphrases, but it would have been a serious stretch of the imagination.

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