Check Out this Guy Trek across Russia’s Frozen Lake Baikal

Check Out this Guy Trek across Russia’s Frozen Lake Baikal

This hiker’s trek across Russia’s frozen Lake Baikal is kind of amazing. Looking at the lake you can almost assume that there are structures beneath the surface that would cause the ice to form in thick barriers and veins as you can see. The appearance of the frozen lake beneath the surface is something amazing really and needs a lot more studying an explanation than is going to be given by this video, but it’s still fun to look at since your mind will inevitably start spinning when you try to figure out just how this could happen in nature. It would appear that the guy even camps out on the ice while he’s attempting to cross, which seems like a risky proposition, but apparently not for him.

Some folks live to take risks and experiences like this, and it suits them since if they don’t do it then they feel that they’ve done nothing in their lives. For others it’s just another day in nature during which they do what they feel like doing and give other people a glimpse of the kind of life they can only dream about. Honestly when I look at this I just imagine how incredibly cold this trek must be, but also how liberating it could possibly be at the same time. Simply getting out in nature is something that many human beings need to do every now and again just to feel that they aren’t so fully confined by the life they’ve built around themselves.

Being free is more than just getting out however, it’s understanding that there is something greater than yourself and wonders in the world that are beyond easy comprehension. This kind of trek might not look like it would appeal to everyone but being able to be out and smell the chill air, to feel it seeking purchase wherever it could on your body, that sounds like a thrill to me. Lake Baikal is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world, which is why this trek seems so impressive. A lake this massive would likely not be a simple day trip as it would take some time to cross and require a good deal of safety to insure that the hiker would be able to reach the other side. Obviously he did, but there’s no doubt that he came well prepared and was ready for what he would endure.

Considering that Lake Baikal and the surrounding area only ever reach a high temperature of 57 degrees F and can go down to a low of -2 degrees F, the guy would have needed something with a lot of insulation to protect him from the intense cold that would come at night. Doing this type of thing in the winter seems a bit crazy, but then again fortune doesn’t always favor the sane. If you want to take a walk in nature you’ve got to now what you’re walking into, and judging by his clothing and his pack, he knew just what he was coming out to do.

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