Check Out The 2017 World Yoyo Champion’s Winning Routine

Check Out The 2017 World Yoyo Champion’s Winning Routine

So starting out, yes there is such a thing as a YoYo contest, and there is such a thing as a championship round. We should all know what a yoyo is, the small spindle that has a long string attached to it, comes in different variations, and is for the most part a fun way to spend a few minutes. This guy and many others have taken this common pastime to a new level that is hard to fathom but impressive to watch. Hailing from Japan, this contestant has obviously taken a great deal of time and effort to perfect these moves and hone his skill in a way that doesn’t allow for much, if any, error.

First off what some of you might think is that this guy has a lot of time on his hands if he can learn how to manipulate what is essentially a children’s toy in such a manner. You might be right, but you might also pay greater attention to the fact that most children couldn’t perform in this manner with one yoyo, let alone two. There’s no need to assume that this is all he does with his life, as yoyo-ing is usually considered more of a hobby and less of an art form. It seems as though this young man would be likely to argue with that sentiment however.

There’s not enough information to really ascertain what he does, at least not from the clip, but just by watching you can see that he is truly skilled and has put a lot of time and effort into this. Until now I’ll admit that I had no idea that YoYo championships even existed, but given that almost anything now has its own championship I’m not too surprised.

It’s very easy to be impressed with this young man as he starts his routine out with an impressive aerial maneuver as he’s flipping out both yoyo’s as he moves into his routine. That alone is amazing but as he continues you see that he’s crossing each yoyo over the other, over his body, and manipulating them in ways that seem to defy gravity and even the laws of physics at times. Obviously this isn’t true as the workings of a yoyo depend on its potential energy and the kinetic energy that is produced. The yoyo only moves in one way, but the manner in which he keeps that linear movement at all times is amazing. If he were to so much as alter the back and forth movement of the yoyo it would not work, but he is so on top of his skill that not once do either of the yoyos do anything but move in a straight line along their strings.

Watch the video and you’ll see that’s true. Despite all the bodily movement and very acrobatic leaps and twisting about his body is the only part of this performance that does not follow a strictly linear motion. Never once do the yoyos deviate from their course, no matter what it looks like.

That is focus, and that is simply amazing.


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