Live to Dance: The Finals – Recap

Live to Dance: The Finals – Recap

Live to Dance: The Finals – RecapOn tonight’s Live to Dance we watched 6 acts compete for the last time in their quest to win the title of ‘best dance act in America’and $500,000 in prize money next week. America’s vote from last week was revealed to be Kendall Glover, the only soloist in the competition. This was my big problem from last week and the show just smoothly glazed over it. Host Andrew Greenberg called Kendall with the news some time after last week’s show. We can only assume he called her the morning after so that she had as much time to rehearse as the other five acts. And amazingly, in our information age, this was kept a pretty good secret all week!

Tonight’s outcome hinges only on America’s votes, so even though we have the experts’commentary and awarding of gold or red stars, this does not technically count; well, except maybe in the minds of voters. It’s an ‘˜opinion only’night for our experts. The performances were extraordinary this week, and I imagine it will be a very tough, very close race for the performers. So let’s get to it:

Twitch (Miami, FL) — The group of high schoolers who have danced together for 10 years gave a bittersweet performance. Some members are set to graduate this year, and they fear tonight was their last time dancing together. They set the bar for tonight, leaving everything they had in them on floor, in an energetic hip hop ballet routine to Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. Travis praised their awesome performance, gold star; Kim complimented their diversity and superb technique, gold star; Paula lauded their edginess and technique, gold star.

Live to Dance: The Finals – RecapWhite Tree Fine Art (San Francisco, CA) — The passionate married ballet duo who won their spot in the finals thanks to America’s vote despite a red star from Travis. This was an emotional night for this act as well, as they performed a contemporary ballet routine to their wedding song Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Katherine McPhee. Kim gushed that they make magic together, gold star; Paula gushed that they transport us on a journey, gold star; Travis, acknowledging the rocky start of his relationship with them, gushed that he now loves them too, gold star.

The Vibe (Linden, UT) — 38 member dance group who amazingly can all dance and fit on the stage at the same time. I have to point out that this group has the added bonus of having Dancing with the Stars pro dancers Corky Ballas and Mark Ballas supporting them via Twitter. Certainly doesn’t hurt! Combining several styles of dance at once to Rihanna’s Umbrella, they did give a rousing, high energy performance. Paula commended their effort but did state that less is more, they do not have to all be on the stage at the same time. (I would agree with that for a full on dance number, but each act has less than 2 minutes to perform, and that makes it quite challenging to take turns.) Nevertheless, gold star. Travis felt it started off wonderfully, but remarked it became busy, there was too much to look at, red star! Kim felt it was a visual feast, gold star.

Kendall Glover (Phoenix, AZ) — Who doesn’t love this precocious and fiercely determined middle schooler? America voted her into the finals, and she is my personal pick to win. She sweetly acknowledged the past criticism of her lines by admitting a bout of tendonitis inhibits her at times, but is determined to overcome the weakness. She performed a spirited contemporary ballet to Florence and the Machine’s Dog Days are Over. Kim calls her a powerhouse performer, gold star; Paula calls her a dream to work with, gold star. Travis calls her a bright shining star, delicate and explosive at the same time, gold star.

Dance Town Chaos (Miami, FL) — The group of 12 young men who bravely chose a new style of dance, which none of them is comfortable with, as their finalist piece. They performed a tribal-themed, high energy eclectic routine to Kanye West’s I’m Living in the 21st Century. Paula says they surpassed their own bar, gold star; Travis says they deserve their own stage show, gold star; Kim admits to being in love with their Miami masculinity, gold star.

Live to Dance: The Finals – RecapD’Angelo & Amanda (Miramar, FL) — This pre-teen ballroom pair are almost too good with their exquisite technique. Tonight they performed an aggressive tango, which gives their contentious dynamic its proper outlet. As awesome and perfect as they are, I will not feel bad if they lose. This couple should be and probably is, pursuing their career on the junior Latin Ballroom circuit. Travis acknowledges they are the future of ballroom dance, gold star; Kim praised their winner’s mentality, gold star. Paul swooned at D’Angelo’s Patrick Swayze-like passion, gold star.

The experts wrapped up the show by applauding all the inspiring performers for their hard work, as well as the coaches, trainers and parents who worked with them. It’s all up to America’s votes tonight to determine who will be crowned the best dance in America and take home $500,000. Next week’s Live to Dance is live with special performances, on February 9 at 8p.m. (EST) on CBS.

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