Celebrating The Lost Boys 30 Years Later: Top Five Moments

Celebrating The Lost Boys 30 Years Later:  Top Five Moments

This film almost got forgotten after a while since to be quite honest it almost got buried when it came out. Since then vampire films have been evolving at breakneck speed without any sign of slowing down. The sad part is that The Lost Boys was an iconic movie for a lot of us growing up. It dealt with issues that a lot of kids had and the promise of being accepted into a group that a lot of us wanted. It was a movie about outcasts and what it took to get along. It also showed us that sometimes the groups you wanted to hang with weren’t the type that you should even bother considering as friends. Finally, it was just a great vampire movie. It could have used a few tweaks here and there to make it epic but overall it was one of the better movies of the late 1980’s. And then the 90’s came along and vampire movies took a decidedly downward turn.

If you say that Twilight was the final boost that vampires really needed then you obviously never watched The Lost Boys. There’s no glittery, angst-ridden bloodsuckers here, just straight-up hardcore movie monsters that the fans expected. Here are five of the best moments from the film.

5. Meeting the Frog brothers


These guys were just oddballs.  But somehow they were oddballs that had at leas some knowledge of how to deal with vampires. Granted their first outing was with Max and they didn’t fare as well as they might have wanted to, but they earned their stripes by the end of the movie. Of course they remained oddballs, but at least they were constant.

4. Dinner with the Lost Boys

Worms and maggots, just like mom used to make. If that was the case then mom was one sick puppy. Unless you’re trying to survive or live in a culture where bugs are the normal fare I think it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t be digging in so heartily. Of course it’s not entirely fair that vampires do have this little thing called persuasion and mind control. Not cool David.

3. Nanook attacks Michael

Animals are very attuned to things we can’t see or even sense at times. So when Nanook sees the door open he’s not seeing Michael anymore, he’s seeing a murderous, dangerous creature where his master’s brother used to be. And anything that threatens Max is a challenge that Nanook isn’t going to let go by without a response. The dog gives an impressive tackle as the two fall away from sight, and somehow the door closes behind them.

2. David’s secret

A lot of us probably thought that killing David was just gravy, but the fact that Michael remained a vampire was kind of odd. Of course that left only one person that could have been the head vampire and it had to be someone that David had interacted with in the course of the film. So it was kind of a ‘duh’ moment when you really think about it. He told the guys to leave his store and they did. He survived when they showed up at his house, and he didn’t seem a bit afraid of them. So many hints, so little attention.

1. Grandpa’s revelation

The grandpa was probably the best character in the whole story and he got the least amount of screen time. But the revelation at the end that he knew was just mind-blowing. So gramps, any chance you could have let the family in on the secret a little sooner?

The Lost Boys is 30 years old as of now. Man, we need a reboot of this one to save the genre.


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