10 Things You Didn’t Know about Captain Glenn Shepard

Below Deck is one of those reality shows that drags you in and never lets you go. Think about it; do you really care how people live on a yacht in the middle of the ocean when they’re just working on it? Does that life sound at all appealing to you? To some, it might; but to the vast majority of people, it’s not a life anyone wants to lead. Being gone all the time, being away from loved ones, being in the middle of nowhere doing work for people who don’t really care about you at all? No, thank you. But, people like Captain Glenn Shephard make it look so appealing. He captains a yacht – which is the one job that most people would probably enjoy most from this show – and he does it well. He’s good at his job, he’s good on television, and people want to know more about him and the life he’s leading.

1. He’s Canadian

He comes to the yacht-loving life straight from Montreal, Canada. While we don’t know anything about his childhood or where in Montreal he lived, we do know that he spent much of his life there before he found his way out of Canada and into the world of yachting.

2. He’s Even Tempered

It’s a gift, honestly (not one I can say I was blessed with). This is a man who is nothing short of unflappable. He never loses it. He never has a moment of temperamental frustration with a guest or a crew member. He’s very laid-back, but also firm. He is just so even-tempered it’s amazing. Of course, that all changes when someone crashes a boat.

3. His Crew Loves Him

In case you are wondering whether he is as liked by his crew as it seems he is, the answer is yes. They have the utmost respect for their captain. He is said to be just as sweet, calm, and cool in real life as he is on the show. One thing that his crew enjoys is that he lets them do their jobs without over-stepping or micromanaging, which is also a rare gift.

4. He’s A Fan of the Life

It’s been more than 20 years since he took a job as a deckhand, and things have just gone well for him in the yachting world. He’s been captaining for more than 11 years, and he loves the idea of the travel. He loves the money. He loves the freedom. He loves seeing the world and getting to take off all the time he wants when he wants. It’s a freedom-filled life he is living, and he’s not mad about it.

5. He’s Unapologetically Private

Here is a man who understands the value of privacy. While he regularly uses his own social media platforms to show off his travels and the world through his own eyes, he’s not sharing anything personal. He shares nothing about himself. You cannot get to know him through his social media unless you’re merely looking to see the world through his vision of its beauty. It’s a good vision, though.

6. His Romantic Life

Unfortunately, we’ve got next to nothing for you regarding this aspect of the Captain’s life. He’s private. He shares nothing, and that’s probably a bonus in his romantic life. It’s unclear whether he’s involved with someone, if he’s only casually dating, or if he’s single and on the market. However, we do know he’s unmarried, so there might be a chance for the ladies who are looking for a good time with the captain.

7. He’s Close to His Family

He might not mention anything about a wife or any kids, but he’s certainly a man with a family who loves him. He mentions in an interview with Bravo TV that his mom and brother are both big fans of the show. His brother’s family also loves watching him on television, and he appreciates that about them.

8. He’s Not Been Home in a While

Because the captain is based in Spain at the moment, he’s been unable to come home and see his family in a while. He’s not been able to get back to Canada to see them, and that’s a huge bummer for him. He’s been traveling with his clients and his crew through the Mediterranean, which is not a bad thing if you’re unable to go home and need some distraction.

9. He’s a Canadian Celebrity

His mom made sure she mentioned to him that he’s something of a big deal in the Nova Scotia area. His family is there, and his mother told him he’s a celebrity there. He’s not sure if that’s just a proud mom thing or if it’s true, though, since he’s been unable to come home.

10. He’s Good at His Job

More than good, if we are being honest. He is a man who is great at what he does for a living. He’s someone his employees like and respect. He’s someone his guests like and respect, and he’s someone his fans like and respect. To us, that means he must be a pretty stellar guy.

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