10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bennett Sipes

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bennett Sipes

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bennett Sipes

If you’re not watching “Love Island,” what are you doing with your life? One of the biggest hits of the season, we think that people are tuning in to watch something that is mindless but entertaining. With everything going on in the world in 2020, it’s one of those things that people are living for. Mindless entertainment, drama that doesn’t apply to us, and things that make us all feel like our own lives are so much more put-together. This show is doing that for us. Bennett Sipes is one of the men looking for love, and fans want to know as much about him as possible. Let’s start here.

1. He’s From Baltimore

We don’t know if he was born and raised there, but we know that he does not live there right now. He works as an executive assistant, and he’s looking for love. He is still relatively young at only 26, so we feel he has plenty of time to find the love of his life and make things work in his personal life the way that they are working in his professional life.

2. He’s in LA

Right now, he’s living and working in LA. His job is there, his friends are there, and he’s looking to make it big there. He’s got a good life he enjoys in the city of angels, and we don’t know that he’s looking to leave that even if he does find love on this show.

3. He’s Got a Famous Ex

What really surprised the people on the show when he came in is that he has a famous ex-girlfriend. Her name is Sommer Ray, and she’s a fitness model and an Instagram influencer with a huge following. She’s only 23, and things did not work out with them, but he seems to be all right with moving on. They dated in 2018.

4. He’s Not on Good Terms With His Ex

Some splits happen amicably, and some do not. This is not one of those that is amicable. When he and his 25-million followers girlfriend broke up, it was not on a good note. It seems that they currently have no relationship with one another, and that’s just where they are in life.

5. He’s a Model

He’s trying to break into the industry as a model and an actor, but he’s not really getting anywhere right now. He does have an agent who is representing him, but it doesn’t appear that things are going his way as of yet. He does work in the entertainment industry, though, so that might mean something to him.

6. He’s Got a Temper

It seems that he might just have a bit of a temper. Maybe not a temper so much as a feeling that he needs to be protective of those he loves. He once got into a fight with some men when they were hitting on his then-girlfriend at a VIP club in 2018. She’s got 25 million followers, and it seems that they all want a piece of her.

7. The Guys He Fought Are Famous

Now we get into the details of what happened when he became upset by the fact that there were some men flirting with his girlfriend. Those men were people like Drake and Odell Beckham Jr. and a man whose name is Younes Bendjima. He ended up following them out of the club and making a scene with Younes, who once dated reality star Kourtney Kardashian. Younes then attacked Bennett Sipes, and it was all caught on security cameras. His famous friends just watched.

8. He Filed a Lawsuit

When he was assaulted, he followed up with a lawsuit that stated he was physically and emotionally damaged and that everything in his life was a disaster. It was a situation that he could not handle without physical therapy over the course of months.

9. He Was An Employee of the Place He Got Into the Fight

However, he was not working that day. He was in a bad place when men were hitting on his girlfriend, and he did not handle himself well. He should have let things go and not followed them outside and continued to mouth off at them. Of course, that did not give anyone a right to physically attack him, but sometimes you just have to be an adult and let things go.

10. He’s Attracted to Strong Women

It seems that based on the woman who he immediately found himself in contact with when he entered the show, he is someone who has a love of women who are strong and confident. We get that, but are they into him?

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